Top 5 Yankee Candles For Men

Discover the best men’s yankee candles form our top 5 below.

There has always been a fairly dominating link between a man and a set area within a home – hence the phrase ‘man cave’. Often referred to as the man pad or bachelor pad, the way society refers to an area of the home in which a man occupies has always been portrayed as a heavily masculine space, with the expectation that men sit around in their pants, eating meat from the bone washed down with pints of beer.

Contrary to this stereotype, man pads are becoming the ultimate places to relax. Rooms full to the prim with cool gadgets, nice furnishings and accessories. It’s often the case that these ‘Man Caves’ are bang on trend, a space any woman would envy.

Candles are the ultimate finishing touch for men to personalise their homes. Gone are the days where the rooms are filled with aromas of smelly socks, damp and old food. Instead, guys are filling the room with nice, natural and complementary scents.

Candles are a great way for guys to create a relaxing environment to simply chill out in, or better yet, to impress someone when invited back to theirs.

Yankee candle can make the perfect gift for men. Discover more gift ideas for men here.

As Yankee Candles are leading the way in terms of scented candles, we’ve picked our favourite 5 Men’s Yankee Candles. Yankee Candle’s that even man can’t go wrong with:

Top 5 Men’s Yankee Candles:

5 Yankee Candles that are perfectly suited to men; scent that complement his home and his personality. Nothing too feminine or sweet, just a nice, gender-free aroma to create a nice, relaxed environment:

1. Yankee Candle Classic Black Coconut

The black coconut scented Yankee Candle is by far our most favourite candle suitable for men. The coconut inspired candle reminds you of being on holiday and what man doesn’t love going on holiday? So why not bring the holiday vibes to your home. Coconut is a great neutral scent, so there is no need to worry about this scent being described as girly or feminine.

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2. Yankee Candle Classic Aloe Water

This yankee candle with pure, natural plant extract is a great candle for a man. This scent doesn’t overpower a room, instead provides a subtle, almost sweet like scent often associated with the aloe vera. This is great yankee candle for men that provides a fresh, clean scent. The Fragrance lasts for 65-90 hours of burning and is an authentic and true-to-life fragrance. The perfect men’s yankee candle.

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3. Yankee Candle Shea Butter

Another non invasive men’s Yankee Candle. The shea butter scented candle creates the perfect summer/holiday vibe. This scent is extremely complimentary to a room and creates a perfect, natural scent. The white colour of the candle means it looks bang on trend in any room.

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4. Yankee Candle Shore Breeze 3-Wick Square Candle

This men’s yankee candle is perfect for any man pad. Soft concerns and  a thick glass square jar, it will complement any room that a man occupies, perfect for showing your style. The fragrance takes you to a place of wandering in the warm sunshine with sweet beach blossoms and a kiss of salt in the air

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5. Yankee Candle Barbershop Gentleman’s Aftershave Tumbler Candle

Yankee Candle have created a sub brand, aimed at men, called the Barbershop Gentleman’s collection which comprises of sophisticated and contemporary fragrances reminiscent of a Barbershop with a distinctive masculine notes.

Our favourite scent within the Yankee barber range is the aftershave tumbler candle. The candle features a mix of juniper and patchouli to create a woodsy, masculine fragrance whilst the tumblr design makes it a great feature for any mans home.

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Another other Yankee Candles for men out there? Let us know in the comments section or better yet, let us know which of these top 5 candles are your favourite.

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