The Year of the Gentleman: A Man’s Guide to a Dapper Vegas Experience

When some people hear the word “gentleman,” it makes them think of the term “snooty” or “stuck up,”… you know, the kind of guy who doesn’t want to get their clothes or hands dirty… Well, the reality of the term “gentleman” in reference to Las Vegas, is simply stating that they don’t care to be one of the cast members in the movie The Hangover.

As a man, when you visit Las Vegas, you don’t always have to be “that guy” wearing the lime green sunglasses chugging beer out of a yardstick cup. Maybe it was cool to enjoy Vegas like that a few years ago, but it’s 2019 now, and this is the year of the gentleman, so if you follow this guide, you’ll be able to go to Vegas and have an amazing time, all while having an of style and class.

The Look: Sophistication, Sleek, and Ease


When it comes to “the look” of a gentleman, the qualities are found in his dapper image. So you know what that means… none of the tattered jeans should be in your suitcase, and if you think about it, ripped jeans are not what comes to mind when you think of sophistication.

Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines dapper as neat and trim in appearance so if you’re going to go for the gentleman look, you either have to do it big or not at all… dressing up is part of the Vegas experience as a gentleman.

With it being a new day and age, you no longer have to show up to the casinos wearing a full-on tux and wingtips There is a fashion trend for men called “sharp casual.” It’s clothing that doesn’t make you look too casual yet it also doesn’t make you look too dressy. explains the fashion term and gives examples of how to incorporate it into your wardrobe. “Sharp casual” is a great Vegas day time look, whether you are going shopping, sightseeing, or grabbing lunch.


When it comes to achieving a dapper image, your grooming skills need to be exceptional. Whether you do your grooming yourself or if you go and get it professionally done, you need to make sure your grooming complements your overall look.

One of the looks that men wear that is very dapper is the beard. A lot of men were able to grow their beards out for “no shave November” and after November, men had a gracious amount of facial hair to play around with.

One thing to remember with beards is that they are very becoming for many men but there are some do’s and don’ts associated with beards so if you decide to rock a beard with your dapper look, be sure to follow those guidelines.

The Night Scene: Go Big or Go Home

As a dapper gentleman, the night scene is when you will truly shine. This is when you pull out all the bells and whistles and let everyone bask in your ambiance of class and sophistication. When you have a night out on the town in Vegas, the first thing you need to do is make sure you do it in VIP style.

Being the gentleman that you are, you can’t go to a party in Vegas like any other guy. Standing in line is out of the question. You need to get your name on the guest list, reserve a table with bottle service and party the night away, in style of course! One thing to remember as a dapper gent is that it’s perfectly fine to drink but you, again, don’t want to be “that guy” who’s had one too many to drink… having one too many can kill your dapper image.

Gambling: Put Your Poker Face On

When you hit the casinos, whether it’s during the day or after a party at 4 am, you need to make sure you have on your poker face, and by poker face, I mean your dapper appearance. It needs to remain intact even during the wee hours of the night while you’re still out and about.

A man who shows up to a poker table looking sophisticated demands an air of respect from the dealer and the other players… you’ll certainly be the centre of attention, being that not too many men take the gentleman approach to Vegas. You know how they say when you look good, you feel good? Well, your dapper look could be your good luck charm at the tables so make sure you show up looking the part!

You Get the Idea…

There is clearly so much more to see and do in Las Vegas but the point you need to understand is the overall look you want to achieve during your trip. With your overall Vegas look, you want to make looking sophisticated and sleek easy and effortless.

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