The Pants And Socks You Actually Want To Receive This Christmas

It’s christmas, you’re sat in the lounge surrounded by your ‘loving’ family, they’re all watching you while you open your presents, waiting to see the look on your face. You open one present to find you’ve been given a pair of crappy old socks – how come someone who is supposed to love you give you something like that ey?!

What do you do?…  Send this article to your friends and family to make sure it doesn’t happy again next year, that’s what! If there going to buy you some, then you should make sure you receive pants and socks that you actually want – lets face it, it wouldn’t be christmas if you didn’t get given them at all.

Drake & Hutch

Drake & Hutch are a fairly new brand which we have stubbled across recently and we’re completely sold on the brand and big fans of their designs. You can pick up a pair from £20.

Andreas Diofebi

Andreas Diofebi is a collaboration of designers Andreas Georgio and Elisabetta Diofebiis. The brand is new and up an coming, specialising is printed garments such as vests, t-shirts and underwear. We’re big fans of their epic underwear designs and you can see why below.

Shop there underwear range by clicking here.

Neon Bandits

Neon Bandits is an action, lifestyle sock brand that we’re really impressed with. Finally, someone has designed socks perfect to wear with shorts that aren’t just white! We’re predicting big things for this brand.

View the whole range here.

Sock Shop

Now, the sock shop may not be a specific sock brand but you can pick up some pretty sweet socks from their site, so we thought it was worth adding into our pant and sock guide for Christmas 2015. Here are our favourites from the site:

HJ Hall

HJ Hall are another sock brand that are on our Christmas list. They’ve got a sock for every occasion from formal wear to casual wear. Here are our favourites.

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