The Art Of Accessorising

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Sometimes it’s the small details that make a big impression. Whether you’re at work or on a casual night out, the accessories you choose to wear can make a big statement about you as a person. Here are a few accessories worth taking up, including when and when not to wear them.

Time to get a watch

Wearing a watch is a faster way of telling the time than having to check the phone, but it has more than personal practical uses. In the business world, a watch can tell employers or clients that you want to manage your time and that you are therefore more organised. You don’t have to shell out on a rolex – any smart looking watch is good enough. Sites such as Watchfinder offer a great variety of budget, top quality second-hand wristwatches. There’s an unspoken rule that men should wear watches on the left hand, but really it’s whatever wrist feels comfortable to you (usually the non-dominant hand).

A tip of the hat

In previous ages, hats were an indicator of wealth, with the rich adopting top hats whilst the working class stuck to flatcaps. Nowadays, hats have nothing to do with wealth and fewer and fewer people are wearing them casually. Hats have their time and place and you should avoid wild choices such as top hats and fezes unless you really are an eccentric person. Avoid wearing hats during business hours, but use as a statement piece for outdoor social occasions.

Scarf out

Scarves should only be worn in winter when they have a practical use. Wearing one on a cold night or day makes you look prepared. There are all kinds of ways of wearing a scarf from the popular European knot to the flick-over-the-shoulder look. Unless you’re Tom Baker or a university professor at Oxbridge you should probably stick to the regular methods.

Bring on the bling

Jewellery isn’t something most men think about, and indeed unless you really are a rapper from the projects you should probably go easy on the bling. However, as a small statement piece, these can give an edge of cool. Companies such as Frost NYC are a great choice for young people. Those older should stay with more subtle bracelets and necklaces. If you’re doing business in a suit, you may want to ditch the bling altogether – although feel free to style your cufflinks.

Specs appeal

Nothing beats a nice pair of shades (although you shouldn’t wear them indoors). Worn with the right clothing, they can complete the rock star appearance. Normal glasses meanwhile continue to remain trendy, and can help give a look of sophistication or intellect in many areas of business. Make sure that your glasses fit your face – fidgeting with the frames and constantly sliding them up your nose can be off-putting. Those doing a lot of physical activity may do better off with contact lenses or special sports glasses that hug the face.

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