The Only Suit Accessories You Need To Invest In

Dressing in your Sunday best can often be a tricky look to go for. When you want to rock out a good suit, you often feel like you’re struggling to get it right. You might start to wonder if it’s the suit that’s not right or something else. But dressing for success and feeling good in your formalwear often has more to do with what you’re not wearing that what you are. Because every good suit needs the right accessories to set it off. So, you’re going to want to make sure that you pick up the right accessories to can take your suit to the next level.

Dress Shoes

First up, you’re going to want to think about getting yourself the right set of dress shoes, or even a few. Depending on the style of suit in question, you might want to try out a range of different styles. Brogues or Oxfords are great for dressing up any dapper suit, but if you want to go for a more casual look in summer, you may want to try out loafers instead. Just make sure that the dress shoes you pick up are comfortable and longwearing, to keep their smartness.

Silk Tie

Then comes the ties. Not every suit will need a tie, especially if you’re going for that casual look with loafers, but you’ll probably find that you do need to wear one more often than not. With so many different kinds of ties on offer, you’re probably not sure what to go for. But if you choose silk as your material, it will always add to the quality of your suit. You may even want to go for a bow tie or cravat, either way, silk will make it look so much better.

Pocket Square

Then there’s also the pocket square. It’s quite a classic suit accessory, so it will always make a suit look polish and put-together. Your best bet will be to find one that matches your tie perfectly, and you can often get them in a matching set. They can also still work with casual summer suits, and even add a bit of character.


Then comes the jewellery options that you have for dressing up a suit. To most men, this can be the most exciting part. When you’ve got bespoke suits, you always want to match them in the style game with killer details. Whether you got for cufflinks or a tie pin, brooches or even a collar brooch, there are so many ways that you can jazz up your suit with a bit of subtle bling.


It may not be the classic hat that some people will be used to finishing off their suit style with, but opting to complete your look with sunglasses will always look incredible. Not only can you got for James Bond vibes, but you can also tone down your look if you are heading to a more casual affair. Regardless of what sunglass style you prefer, you can completely rock out your suit when you got your shades with you.

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