These Styles Are Not A Load Of Crop! Timeless Haircuts That You Need To Try


Have you been thinking about a new haircut one that is trendy and now? If you are might I suggest that you don’t go for one that is trendy or now, as the mullet, the bowl cut, and the ponytail have proven that whatever’s “trendy” and “now” does not stand the test of time.

Whatever age you are, there will be a point when you need to think about your style, and if it is making you look behind the times (or just plain stupid) there are haircuts that will never go out of style, and here are a few.

The Buzz Cut

A wonderfully Low-maintenance cut it has been popularized in recent years with people such as Jay-Z. If you want, you can do this yourself at home, or maybe get a friend to do it for you using hair accessories such as from If you go to the barbers to get this done to make things a bit more interesting, don’t ask for one grade all over. Instead, ask for a fade on the back and the sides, or you can have one grade above on the top. When it comes to styling, there isn’t much needed, but if you suffer from having a dry scalp using some moisturizer for hair oil will help keep your skin conditioned.

The Side Sweep

This is a look that was born in the 1950s and is synonymous with people like James Dean and Steve McQueen. It is a vintage style that will never go out of style! When it comes to going to the barbers for this style, make sure that it is not too short on the back and the sides, and make sure that the hair rests just above the ears. When it comes to styling, it is quite low-maintenance. Just using some putty on your fingers, scrunch it into your hair for texture and volume, as this will enhance the waviness and keep that rough look.

The Crop

The older gent in recent years has benefited very well from the cropped cut, such as Daniel Craig, and works very well with people who are looking for a smart and smooth style during the week but would like it to look messy come the weekend. With the style, the texture remains on the top while the back and the sides are cropped tight and close to the head. When you style it, applying clay for a matte look will help to enhance the texture. Maintenance wise it is very simple as you can just apply it to dry hair without using a brush or a hair dryer.

The Side Parting

In other words the Leonardo DiCaprio style! When you go to the barbers, ask for a short back and sides, but the top should be kept quite long so that it can be called back easily without sticking up. And when it comes to styling, it apply a water-based pomade to your hair while it is still damp and using a comb form a parting and then comb diagonally backward.

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