Is Sports Luxe The New Smart?

With the different amount of trends that appear every year, it can extremely difficult to keep up on top of them.


Since 2015, a new trend appeared, taking the fashion industry by storm, called sports luxe.

Many people initially frowned upon the look, as it was a combination of casual clothing matched with luxury wear, but it soon took off. Is sports luxe really the new smart?


Joggers are no longer seen as the casual, home wear style of clothing anymore and has been taken on by stylists everywhere. The luxury treatment has been taken to sweatpants, taking away the cuff detailing, and tailoring them with technical fabrics. This has completely changed the look of sweatpants, taking them into a completely new direction. These matched with luxury, or smarter items of clothing has proven to be hugely beneficial and popular.

Sports luxe is a combination of casual clothing matched with luxury clothing, so imagine joggers with blazers. We know that people would normally associate joggers and sweatpants with mens tracksuits, but sports luxe has taken an entirely different turn. However, with the huge demand and popularity, this trend soon became adopted by major fashion labels everywhere, tailoring their products around the trend. The joggers, or sweatpants were not only turned into tailored items of clothing, but the materials were changed, taking it away from casual wear. Initially it seemed as though this type of clothing was for the youths, but now recommended at various different stores around the world.


Sports luxe outfits tend to consist of the same core components, which are tailored sweatpants/ joggers and a ‘sports jacket’/ blazer. These core components will help you experiment in order to find what is right for you, finding the right balance of style and flair. What items of clothing you choose is truly down to what you prefer and with sports luxe, many different designer labels have taken the brand in a different direction. Some have chosen to showcase the luxury side, with smart shoes, tailored sweatpants and a smart blazer, whereas others have chosen fitted t-shirts, tailored sweatpants and bomber jackets. Each and every adopted style is smart and extremely beneficial.

If you are one of those who loves to venture into new paths, taking advantage of the new styles at present, sports luxe is definitely for you. It has begun to take the fashion industry by storm, producing a different style of smart clothing. Take a deeper look into it and take advantage of the new trend.

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