Small Changes For A Healthier Lifestyle

Many of our readers aren’t all about grooming and aesthetic style. Like so many people, you might be looking for ways to live a healthier lifestyle.


Getting to the goal you want in terms of health can often feel like an ordeal with the excess dieting and exercise involved. These simple changes won’t transform your life, but will certainly make a positive impact on the quality of your well being!

Be Active

If a half-hour jog before daylight isn’t up your alley, then start your day with some simple stretching in your room. The physical exercise will help you to wake up, improve your flexibility and stimulate blood circulation. The great thing about this change is that it will barely take up any of your time. I love sleep as much as the next guy. However, I’m sure you wouldn’t miss ten to fifteen minutes of bed too badly.

There are other simple exercises you might want to incorporate into your daily routine. Planking is hugely beneficial for your abs, legs and arm muscles. Planking for a minute a few times a day will do wonders for your health & body. Here’s some detailed instructions on planking.


Next, on to the food. By now, you might feel totally hooked on certain unhealthy foods you’ve become accustomed to. However, there are a variety of healthy alternatives for things which you might consider necessities. It won’t be too easy right away, but making one change at a time will help your overall self-discipline when it comes to health.

You could try changing a sugared cereal for the plain version. You’ll be able to wean yourself off by adding sugar, and gradually having less and less with time. Like countless people, you might have a slight coffee problem. For a hot drink that’s a healthier source of caffeine, you might want to try green or jasmine tea. These won’t give you the same buzz as a double espresso, but both are refreshing and tasty.

Sleep Well

Finally, try to hit eight hours or more of sleep. Sounds great, right? I know it can be tough to increase the time you spend sleeping, especially if you have a busy occupation. Still, the health benefits of those one or two extra hours go an incredibly long way. When you sleep enough, you’ll be less stressed and more awake during the day. That’s the obvious part, I know. Sleep can also help to reduce any inflammation on your body, and guards you against a variety of heart issues. Many people are surprised to learn that a healthy amount of sleep can help with weight loss. There may be a game you love or a series you’re keeping up with, but believe me you’ll enjoy them more when you’re well-rested!

Bike For Half An Hour A Day

Biking is another good option for a small change in your life towards a healthier life style. For those of you who enjoy biking, this is a no brainer. However, if you are new to biking, make sure you start slow and think of this as a leisure exercise rather than a hard core cardiovascular form of exercise.

You can start with 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. Make sure to take one to two days of recovery. There are numerous benefits to biking for your health and overall well-being, and even to other factors, such as the environment. Just a few of these include preventing obesity and heart disease and reducing your carbon footprint. While it might be difficult to find the right bike for you, especially for women, you can find a guide on some of the best women’s bikes options here. Enjoy biking and help safe the environment too!

These 4 tips can all help you towards a healthier lifestyle. Remember that I’m not asking for all these changes to happen at once! Make one healthier decision tomorrow, and then try to keep it up for the next day, and the next. You might slip up, but the important thing is to recognise your mistake, and keep trying to do better!

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