In-Shower Moisturiser From Dr.Do Good’s; The Perfect Post Work-Out Treat

I’ve got to be honest and say that I have always neglected my body when it came to moisturising, I hated doing it and only ever moisturised my body when I absolutely had to. Why? Well, because I hated the oily, sticky feeling you have to put up with before it dries and having to walk around all stiff and straight legged to make sure I didn’t touch anything while covered in the stuff. Yea, I get that I’ve probably massively exaggerated here but i mean it when i say hated it. 

After looking for a body moisturiser that took the faff out of moisturising, I tried Dr.Do Good’s In-Shower Moisturiser to get myself looking after my skin on my body again, having noticed that the skin on my chest had become dehydrated and un-loved. Probably due to the effects of coffee dehydrating my skin and not drinking enough water, the joys of working ey?!

in shower moisturiser

Dr.Do Good’s In-Shower Moisturiser

The product was designed for everything us men need it for – simplicity, speed and ease. I think its fair to say that us men aren’t fans of faff when it comes to looking after ourselves. We want something that is simply and easy to use, gets the job done quickly, hence the birth of Dr.Do Good’s In-Shower Moisturiser.

The product is a waterproof oil based spray designed to be used in the shower; hydrating the skin and massaging the oil spray into your skin helps to boost circulation and give you a much needed boost – perfect for guys who shower in the mornings or for a post work-out shower.

It’s now a firm favourite in my gym bag because it made my skin feel soft and nourished and in the aim to get my skin back to where it needs to be in the long-term – I need to start thinking of beachwear in summer, last time i checked, dehydrated skin wasn’t ‘in’.

Post Gym Treat

The product is the perfect skincare product for active men who work-out regularly in the gym. We all know the struggle of using shower-gels after working arms right? Feels near enough impossible to rub in your shower-gel while your arms are massively pumped. Well, you can let the spray do the work. It’s hydrating properties are also great for reversing the dehydrating effects of steam rooms and hot showers – both can strip our bodies of naturally produced hydrating oils that keep our skin on top form.

What’s Inside?

The product is fully approved by the SHA, Skin Health Alliance, so you can trust that the product genuinely works – don’t just take my word for it.

  • Tomato extract – antioxidant properties
  • Carrot extract – Vitamin A for skin nourishment and firmness
  • Yellow peppers extract – Vitamin C to aid in the production of collagen (the building-block of skin)
  • Broccoli extract- helps combat and stimulate tired, stressed-out skin.
  • Aubergine extract – essential supply of nutrients for the skinshutterstock_275246555

Massive thumbs up from me about Dr.Do Good’s In-Shower Moisturiser.

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