Rugby Player Elliott Reeder Shares His Pre-season Workout Regime With GroomingMail

Elliott Reeder, an aspiring rugby player shares his pre-season workout with us, GroomingMail.

Checking out his Instagram profile, you can see that Elliott is no stranger to the gym so we’ve asked him to share his secrets on how he has gained size and definition. Here’s what he has to say:

My work outs vary throughout the season depending on the stage I’m in. Building up to the season (preseason) I try and train for hypertrophy, which involves lots of high rep stuff to try put on some size before the season starts.

I will then go into a strength phase for about 6 weeks, which is obviously low reps to result in getting stronger. This will start just prior to the season’s first league game. Once I’ve done this phase and I feel I’ve accomplished enough strength, I move on to the next phase which is power and speed. These will be more explosive movements.

Currently I’m in my strength phase and my total body session will look like this:

Before I start I always use a pre workout. For me Super7 Super Charge is great at giving me a much needed boost.

  • Front squat – 5 working sets- reps 5/5/3/3/1/1
  • Romanian deadlift – 5 x 5
  • Bench press- 5 working sets- reps 5/5/3/3/1/1
  • Close grip Chins – 5 working sets – reps 5/5/3/3/1/1
  • Prowler push 4x 15m
  • Rest periods in between each set = 90 seconds.

I end all my gym sessions with a delicious Bio-synergy Whey Better Protein shake

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