The Rise of Male Grooming & Some Of Our Favourite Men’s Grooming Products

When it comes to male grooming, it seems like the concept still hasn’t caught on with everyone. We believe that every male needs to look after himself on both the inside and out, including looking after your skin and hair. According to studies, a lot of women finds the concept of male grooming somewhat emasculates a man. However, in the past few years, male grooming as well as men’s grooming products have been booming and are set to keep on rising.
Some studies have attributed that the trend in male grooming is partly due to the rise of feminism which allowed traditional men and women’s roles to be reversed and/or made equal. It seems that, as women are strapping on pants and committing themselves to full time jobs while at the same time maintaining their beauty, more and more men feel the need to maintain both parts of their world as well. Naturally, why wouldn’t you want to take more care of yourself? We’re a generation that lives under a magnifying glass with the rise of social media and digital platforms.
We’ve complied a list below of some of the best men’s grooming products of 2016 so that you can have a better idea about of what products men are using regularly.

Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Acne Wash

Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Acne Wash
Just like women, men experience acne when stress hits or when the weather changes, to be honest just about anything can cause an acne breakout. This Neutrogena acne wash can be used like an everyday soap and and will almost immediately reduce or eliminate acne. We recommending incorporating washing your face as part of your everyday routine, pop it in your gym back or leave it by the sink so you don’t forget to use it daily.

Molton Brown Deep-Clean Mineral Ions Face wash

Molton Brown Deep-Clean Mineral Ions Face wash
Also a men’s cleanser, this face wash contains so many nutritional ingredients for your skin that hydrate the skin and helps remove sweat, dirt and bacteria from the face.

Tame The Best’s Beast Box Men’s Grooming Set

Tame The Best's Beast Box Men's Grooming Set
This spectacular men’s grooming gift set is from the up and coming online men’s grooming shop Get Beast, we love the birth of a new brand. It’s the ultimate men’s grooming set, including a shampoo and conditioner, hair freezing gel, pre-shave oil, shave cream and aftershave lotion. All aspects of a man’s grooming routine covered in one set.

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm
This lip protector has great ingredients for your pucker. It’s completely natural and protects your lips with a SPF 25 shield. The flavours are also really pleasant too with a wide range to chose from. Perfect for winter when it feels like the wind just wants to rip your lips apart!

Anthony Logistics for Men Oil Free Facial Lotion

Anthony Logistics for Men Oil Free Facial Lotion
The Anthony Logistics moisturiser contains Aloe Vera as well as healthy amino acids that enable it to work as a skin hydrator as well as a sun protector (SPF 15).
It seems that men all around the world have been embracing their beauty and are no longer afraid to groom themselves. After all, why should beauty only be permitted for the women species of our kind?
Author Bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur, a freelance writer and a contributing writer for several blogs including Get BeastAuthor Headshot Image link 

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