Planning The Ultimate Lads Weekend in Germany

There are relaxing weekend getaways in the countryside, and then there are party weekends with memories to last a lifetime (if you can remember them, that is). Whether it’s a stag weekend or just a chance to catch up with all the boys, there are few better locations to host one than Germany.


Ultimate Lad Weekends in Germany

Famed for its beer, sausages, and insane nightlife, Germany is an absolute haven for any group of lads wanting to drink, dance, and see some amazing tourist sites along the way.

1. Munich

Munich could be regarded as one of the more traditional German cities, and perhaps the reason everyone believes all Germans wear lederhosen! There’s definitely one good motive to visit Munich for a lads weekend, and that’s Oktoberfest. While technically starting near the end of September, the festival continues until the beginning of October, with every single day comprised of beer drinking (in specialised beer tents), sampling local delicacies, participating in amusement park games and rides, listening to old-fashioned German folk music, and generally just meeting partygoers from all over the world. It’s said that around 6 million people visit the festival over the entire period each year.

2. Duisburg

While perhaps more of an under-the-radar choice, this might be exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to a boys weekend. A smaller city that packs a big punch, Duisburg has a great harbour area with some bars and restaurants that are more on the fancier side, so if your group is more in the mood for fine dining and then a high-end club later on, then you’ve got the chance.

For sightseeing, Tiger & Turtle is an odd-looking art installation (like a rollercoaster you can walk around) which provides great panoramic views, and the Landschaftspark is an incredible abandoned factory which has been renovated into a place for cultural events, and of course eating and drinking at the nearby beer garden. If you wait until dark, you’ll see it lit up by hundreds of coloured bulbs, which isn’t the worse thing to look at when you’re having a drink. Stay somewhere in the city centre like the Wyndham Duisburger, so that you’re not stumbling around at 1am trying to work out which night bus will take you home.

3. Berlin

As Germany’s capital city, you’d expect a lot to do for a lads weekends… and you’d be spot on. Berlin has so much to do when it comes time to party, that the only problem is trying to fit it all in. If you feel like being spontaneous, you’ll find quality restaurants and bars on a street like Simon-Dach Strasse, where you can taste the local beers and then hit up a famous club nearby such as Suicide Circus, Watergate, or Matrix. You could even let someone else plan it and sign up for a stag weekend package, where you can take part in everything from beer bikes, hot rods, paint balling or just a good old beer crawl.

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