How To Plan The Perfect Picnic For Your Next Date

Your next date is round the corner: you’re excited and a little nervous, but also overwhelmed with how much planning this could take. Going to the cinema seems too impersonal, but a swanky restaurant seems too cliché, and now you’re stuck for other options.


If you’ve found yourself in this predicament, don’t fret! We have just the solution to ensure your next date is a hit from the get-go. A picnic is a great alternative to the classic dinner date, where you’ll be able to impress with your cooking skills and relax out in the fresh air together.

So, if you want to add a personal touch to your next date, read on to find out our top tips for creating the perfect picnic.

How To Plan The Perfect Picnic For Your Next Date

The Location

The location should be the top of your priorities for a picnic date. Sunny days and warm weather typically sees people flocking to parks, picnic basket in hand. So, why not follow suit and head to your local park or wow your date with a trip to the most breath-taking place you know. If you’re really struggling to find the perfect spot, check the National Trust’s website for day out ideas near you.

Wherever you choose, just ensure there’s something to do nearby. As well as being some post-dinner entertainment, it’ll also give you a topic to discuss if the conversation runs dry.

The Food

This is your ultimate chance to impress, so be sure to put some time aside for the food preparation and planning — and remember to time to ask about any dietary requirements your date might have.

Just because picnics commonly prioritise simplistic finger foods, it doesn’t mean you can’t branch out and try more complex and flavoursome recipes. Switch out basic sandwiches for baked mini bruschettas as a sophisticated change, or trade in your usual grab bags of crisps for some colourful crudités and a homemade butternut squash hummus, by following this recipe from Belling.

Whatever you decide to dish up, just be sure it’s practical to eat in locations where a picnic table might not be available. Plus, don’t forget to whip up some tasty treats for dessert to make a truly sweet date.

The Drinks

Kicking back and relaxing in a sunny patch with an ice-cold beer might be your thing, but your date could have different ideas.

Try to find out what they like to drink beforehand and cater accordingly. A glass or two of fizz or chilled wine on a hot day is usually popular, as is a refreshing jug of Pimms. But, be aware that your date might not want to drink alcohol. So, offering alternatives like Shloer, or their favourite soft drink, will mean you can both enjoy a cold drink in the sunshine.

Be sure to store your drinks in a cool box, or have plenty of freeze boards like these ones from Thermos, to keep them chilled all day.

The Essentials

With so much to think about, it can be easy to forget the most basic of items that you’ll need.

A large picnic blanket, like this one from Picnic Shop, will give you both somewhere to settle down onto, while a picnic basket will be a more romantic alternative to cooler bags. If you’re planning on creating things other than finger foods, you’ll also need some cutlery and plates, as well as glasses. Where possible, reusable plastic will be better than paper ones. Not only do they look better, but you can be kind to the environment while enjoying yourselves.

Additionally, be sure to have some kitchen roll or wet wipes to hand, to keep you both looking presentable while you tuck in.

Thinking up a date that will be memorable and special for the both of you can be difficult, but a picnic can be just the personal touch needed to impress a potential partner. So, if you’re gearing up for your next date and are struggling for ideas, follow our top four tips for creating a picnic fit for food-lovers everywhere.

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