Be An Older Brother Worth Looking Up To

It’s not easy being the oldest male in the household full of males. You’re figuring out everything for yourself, but you’re also the reference point for your younger brothers, who look up to you for guidance as they try to navigate their own way through the murky world of adolescence. You have to burden this responsibility; you didn’t ask for it, but it’s yours! It’s just part of being the older brother. Look out for them and they’ll go far – and you absolutely don’t want to later in life look back and think you should have done more!

The Tools To Succeed

You may remember that there’s a lot of tools you need to be a leading man. But when you’re young, it’s difficult to discern which tools you do need – and how you’ll get them. To be properly groomed, they’ll need to have the right skincare products, so introduce them to what you use and let them give it a try. They’ll need a shaver that’s right for them – see for advice and get them one for their birthday. They might also need aftershave – and more importantly, how to actually use it (light enough that people can’t smell it as you pass, strong enough that they can when they’re close).

How to Dress

If you’ve been paying attention to how you look for a few years, you’ll have a wealth of information on how best to dress. The right colours to wear, which colour shoes should be worn with what jeans, and so on. It’s not easy to figure this stuff out, especially if you’re not naturally geared towards finding out. Give you little brother(s) a helping hand by teaching them the hard and fast rules you’ve been adopting since you were there age. They’ll look good and you’ll be able to take the credit!

Life Advice

Life becomes a bit of a minefield when we reach our upper teenage years. It’s a chaotic time in our lives, and it’s also the time when our social lives really get into full swing. If you’ve never been a part of this world then knowing how to act can be one of the biggest challenges. Luckily, that’s where you come in! You’ll be on hand to educated your little protege the correct way to act at social gatherings, from ordering drinks to dancing and basically being an all round good guy.

Just the Two Of You

You’ll be teaching your brother(s) how to act in the outside world, the rules and tools they need to succeed in what really is a bit of a jungle. But you should also be there for them on a personal level, too, not just for the benefit of the wider social scene. Sharing your interests and helping them to cultivate their own will complement the social education well, bringing you closer together and helping you to make sure they’re decidedly their own man, even if they are well aware of the social rules.

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