Mister Muscle: Taking Care Of Yours

You don’t need to be a serial gym buff to know that when you work out, you need to take care of your muscles to keep them in good working shape. Your muscles work alongside your bones to support your body and so preservation of the muscles is what will keep your body in good working order. There are so many habits you can develop to keep you working with your body rather than against it to keep it healthy.


For some, looking after the muscles isn’t just about feeling fit and healthy, it’s a necessity. If you are dealing with an injury following an accident, you’ll know the strain of physio and how that can work the muscles for you to heal and repair them. Dealing with personal injury claim solicitors to help fund physiotherapy and other healing therapies to help your body repair can really help. Working muscles due to an injury can be complex, so always seek advice and help from your doctor. In the meantime, there are things you can do to keep your muscles as healthy as possible and working for you rather than against you. We’ve put a few of those things together here:

Resistance Training

Increasing the size of the muscle with resistance training can really help to build the protein fibres in the muscle itself. Pilates and swimming both work with the resistance of your body to help build strength, but you can also look at these lifting workouts to decide whether lifting weights would be the best for you. Your heart is also a muscle and resistance training is a good option to strengthen the heart by thickening the ventricular wall.

Aerobic Exercise

You can read a lot of articles like this one that can tell you the benefits of running on the body. Running is probably the best aerobic exercise that you can do to tone and work the muscles from top to toe. It’s not just great for increasing muscle tone, but it also reduces fat and ensures that you get your heart rate up. Running can also increase your endurance, helping you to work out for longer each time you do.

Lean Foods

Protein is what helps to build your muscles and if you are going to the gym and doing a training programme that helps to build and repair muscles, then you need to look at this food list to know what food is best to support your workouts. Muscle reparation after you work out is just as important as building up the strength to keep exercising.

Your muscles support your frame, and so you need to make sure you stretch effectively before you work out each time. Your routine for the gym should always include a proper warm up, cool down and after workout snack that will have a good effect on your muscles. Whether you are recovering from an injury, or building muscle for health, you should look after them as well as you possibly can.

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