Tissot Men’s Everytime Watch (T109.410.17.077.00) – The Watch We’re Wearing Right Now

A watch is one the most fashionable ways a guys can show his style, or lack of style in some cases. For many guys, a watch is the only piece of jewellery he’ll ever own, so it’s even more important to pick the right one for you.

We’ll openly admit that we sometimes judge a man based on the watch he wears. A watch is a statement piece of jewellery so we’re all about trying to analyse the statement someone is trying to make. For example, a entry-level, premium brand such as Rolex, Tissot or Seiko all give off an indication that these guys work hard to afford these key style statements and have a genuine interest in fashion and looking stylish.

We thought this would be the perfect time to share with you our thoughts about the Tissot T109.410.17.077.00, the watch we’re wearing right now.


Tissot Men’s Everytime T109.410.17.077.00 Watch Review

We love this watch as an everyday piece of jewellery. The simple, sapphire crystal glass watch face is a timeless design, meaning it wont go out of fashion anytime soon, making it a great investment for the future. The face is uncluttered with no useless dials or mechanisms ticking in the background for the eye to see, making it perfect for someone who wants to know the time quickly and easily.

The Quartz watch movement is great for people who don’t wear a watch everyday, meaning it will keep time when you’re not wearing it.

The light weight and slimline design make it perfect a guy with who wears a suit and cufflinks daily, as there is a no bulge or resistance from the watch on the sleeve which is a common occurrence for a thicker, more intrusive watch.

The black, ribbed fabric strap makes this the watch durable and keeps it looking clean as it doesn’t show any marks.

The price point of the watch makes it a great entry point into the premium watch market, retailing at £140. It would also make a great Christmas or Birthday present for some important in your life.

We love this watch and can’t see us taking it off anytime soon.

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