Why Men Should Visit Spas More Often: Man Vs. Spa

Me and the other half were guests, not part of the wedding party, at our friends wedding in Liverpool. The night before we indulged in a fabulous meal in our hotel and a few drinks on the town.

As sure as the sun rose in the morning so too did we, both feeling a little worse for wear. For me all I craved was a full English breakfast and plenty of coffee to refresh me for the day ahead. My man on the other hand isn’t the best morning eater and decided it might be better for him to take an hour or two in a spa.

A quick query to reception and we were advised that there was Liverpool hotel with a spa nearby to where we were staying.

This also happened to be where the male members of the bridal party had an early morning spa session booked. Since the hotel was around the corner my man hot footed it to join the session and managed to get a few treatments in too.

So pleased with the experience he recounted every bit to me and whilst I listened with a tinge of jealousy it got me thinking. Not many men are comfortable or familiar with what takes place in a spa, or if there are in fact male oriented treatments available.

So here I hope to expel any common concerns that spa visits aren’t for you boys;

“I don’t want to smell like a women”


Have no fear. The scents on hand during male treatments are those commonly used in cologne. Think spicy cloves, earthy sandal wood and refreshing mints and lime. These are used in the essential oils and creams for facials and massages.

“I don’t like to be touched”


As somebody who only partook in her first spa massage a few years ago I can understand the fear of being rubbed down by a stranger. Again the fear is unjustified. Your spa therapist is a trained professional and an expert when it comes to implementing techniques to relax you. The last thing you will feel is violated.

If you are still unsure about having a random person lay their hands on you, then why not consider a treatment that involves minimal body contact such as deep cleansing facials.

“I don’t fancy being rubbed down by a lady”

Understandable if you don’t want certain feelings stirred, or if you’re worried about what your other half might think if you being stroked by a female you don’t know. Obviously the majority of women will understand that the therapist is a professional and therefore will most likely be focused on completing her job and not how hot you are.

There is always the option to opt for male therapists, again personal preference. It is more likely that a male will be able to provide a more vigorous deep tissue massage, if that’s what you need.

“I don’t want any treatments”

This is something that ladies do quite often BTW. We don’t all have treatment cash but there are plenty of things that you can do in a spa that don’t involve therapists. My man was particularly pleased that after his facial he was able to enjoy a sauna and steam room followed by a dip in the hydrotherapy pool. Spas can be a great place to just chill out by the pool in your robe, watching the world go by. It doesn’t always have to involve state of the art beauty techniques.


On top of all this there was a fully stocked bar and relaxation area. To be honest I’m surprised that all the male bridal party managed to turn up to the wedding!

I hope our tale has inspired all you guys to make your first spa visit soon or perhaps encouraged you to return to one if you’ve already taken the plunge, my partner loved it!

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