How To Match Your Tie With Your Shirt

Let’s be honest, dressing for a formal event is generally easier for men than it is for women. After all, a woman has multiple options to choose from while, as a man, your choice is likely to include a shirt, smart suit, shoes and that all-important finishing touch; the tie.


With all the other pieces a rather typical colour and style, the tie is the defining feature that will make your look different from others. So how do you get it right?

First and foremost, you should match your tie properly to your shirt to create a presentable appearance. Don’t just buy a tie because it has a great pattern; think about what you’ll wear it with and what occasion you’ll wear it to.

Coordinating your tie, shirt and suit takes a little understanding about pattern, colour and proportion too. So, here is your very own guide to learn how to match your tie and shirt perfectly.

How To Match Your Tie With Your Shirt:

Making Sure It’s Right For You

Buying a new tie can be exciting, but don’t get carried away with the different styles too quickly; first, you need to make sure you choose the right width, because ties don’t just come in one size. Getting it right is dependent on your build and your personal style.

The general rule for choosing the right width for you is that it should reflect your body type. If you’re a big or broad kind of guy, a wide tie will suit you much better; and the opposite applies if you have a slim-average frame (especially if you’re also tall), meaning you should choose a skinny tie.

When it comes to matching the tie size to your suit, remember that the widest point of the tie should match the widest point of your jacket lapel.

Choosing A Tie Colour

Choosing the right colour tie is the most frequent dilemma for guys, many of whom are unsure of what goes well with their shirt and suit. Firstly, you should always have a selection of navy blue ties for occasions when you’re unsure of what to wear, because navy blue works well with every suit and shirt besides a black suit.

Typically, you will wear a shirt that is either white, cream, light blue or light pink. For the first two, you’re safe to choose any colour as long as it compliments your overall look and is appropriate to the occasion. For pink and blue, you just need to know what colours you shouldn’t wear. For example, an orange or yellow tie will look great with a blue shirt and dark blue suit but will look terrible with a pink shirt. Alternatively, teal and light turquoise ties look a lot better on a light pink shirt than on a light blue shirt.

Choosing A Tie Pattern

The most import important questions to ask yourself are “is this tie appropriate for the occasion?” and “does this tie convey they right message?” If you’re going to a formal event, or something meaningful like a wedding, you shouldn’t wear a quirky tie that might look like you’re not taking it seriously. Equally, if you’re going to a work party then you don’t need to be so serious (unless you have a serious job) and you can be a bit more playful.

It’s important to know that, if your shirt is patterned, that you don’t match the pattern. The idea is for the tie to stand out, not blend in. For example, if you’re wearing a check tie, make sure your shirt isn’t checked!

Some great combinations are; a polka dot tie with a thin striped shirt, a thick striped shirt on a plain shirt for work, and a paisley print on a plain shirt for weddings.

So, next time you’re shopping for a new tie, keep in mind what shirt you will be wearing it with to give you some inspiration!

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