How To Achieve A Professionally Styled Look At Home

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We regularly receive comments on our Instagram feed of images sent in by our network of barbers and stylists from gentlemen who love their hair when they leave the salon/barbers but struggle to re-create it at home. We believe that what is coming between them and that professionally styled look at home is down to just a few simple mistakes which the below tips will help rectify.

Step by Step Guide

1. Good Quality Shampoo and Conditioner

First and foremost a good quality shampoo and conditioner is essential; this is one of the reasons your hair always looks better when leaving the barbers. A lot of gentlemen don’t use conditioner, as they believe it’s unnecessary, however, this is the first mistake.

A good conditioner will smooth down the cuticle§ of your hair and make it easier to blow dry and leave it with a better finish.

2. Acquire a Hairdryer with a Nozzle

A good blow-dry is important and the second mistake made by most gentlemen. Make sure you acquire a good quality hairdryer with the facility to attach a nozzle to the end and ensure you face the nozzle in the direction of the way you want your hair to go when styled.

3. Incorporate Brushing into your Grooming Routine

A good quality brush will make all the difference, most barber’s favour a Denman free flow brush or one from our friends at Kent brushes. Run the brush through your hair from front to back to help mould the hair into the style you want – adding a parting to guide the application of product is recommended.

4. Invest in Trusted Products

Once the hair is in place it is ready for product to be applied.

An important thing to remember is “the better the hair looks before the blow dry, the better it will look after the product has been applied”.

A common mistake most men make is using the wrong amount of product, either too much or too little – using too much product can leave your hair looking greasy, wet and the weight of the product can cause your hair to fall flat. Always read the product’s description on the reverse of the jar for recommended quantities, however, we would suggest a ‘pea-sized’ amount for a wax or paste and a ‘finger scoop’ for a pomade.

4. Warm the Product and Apply from Root to Tip

Work the product between the palms of your hands coating both hands and fingers. Then, run the product through your hair allowing the hair to pull the product from your hands making sure you distribute it evenly from roots to tips (this process can be repeated if deemed necessary). If required, re-combing from root to tip will leave a precise and sharp finish.


Step 1: Use good quality shampoo and conditioner

Step 2: Acquire and use a hairdryer with a nozzle

Step 3: Add brushing your hair to your grooming routine

Step 4: Warm the product between the palms of your hands coating both hands and fingers before applying from root to tip


Current Trends:

2015 is the year of the pompadour. This classic look has come back into vogue recently with the help of gentlemen of popular culture such as David Bowie, Alex Turner and David Beckham sporting the style. Use the Closed on Monday Deluxe Pomade as your product of choice to replicate the classic look.

graduated pompadour

What To Ask For At The Barbers

If you’d like to pay homage to Messrs Beckham, Bowie and Turner with short graduation on the sides then ensure you request a “graduated pompadour” from your barber or, show them a snap from our Instagram page – @officialclosedonmonday

If all the points are followed then we are confident that your hair will look as good, if not better than the day you left the barbers.

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