Male Accessories: The Items That Usually Get Forgotten

When choosing an outfit, most guys will base their decisions on two aspects. The first of the two will be comfort, so the clothing has to be comfortable. And, the second is appearance. Of course, the outfit has to look good. This is a little confusing, though. Because most guys don’t bother with accessories. They just wear the same items everyday.


Take a belt, for instance. It’s a rare day that you see a man’s belt well paired with his other clothing. But, it’s not that hard to achieve. You just need to acquire a handful of belts. Try and get belts that compliment the other clothing you have. For instance, in a blue suit, a brown belt would look really good. The buckle is important too, though. The smartest belts have comfort click buckles. These buckles make it look as if the belt is being held on by magic, and they don’t leave any unsightly mechanisms on display.


Socks are another area that gets forgotten far too often. Socks can make or break an outfit. Although they’re rarely seen, socks can make a big impact when they are. Usually, it’s best to match your socks with your trousers. This will make them look seamless. But, they shouldn’t be exactly the same colour. Most people will opt for socks that are a shade or two lighter than their trousers, to add a little variance. Of course, you may have some quirky socks you’d like to wear, but these are usually best left in the drawer.


When looking at casual wear, a nice hat can really finish a great outfit. Hats have always been popular, and they can be found to suit most people. You will have to try a few different types of hat before you make your decision. Some hats will be better suited to the shape of your head than others. And, some will look odd with your other clothing. Even if you don’t like hats, they are easy to get used to and, eventually, you won’t even know they’re there. And, of course, hats also provide the added bonus of not having to wash so often! Hiding your hair will make you feel much more confident when you’ve gone out without having a wash.


Bags for men can be particularly hard to find. Usually, men’s bags are either far too formal or far too childish to be carried in a casual setting. But, thankfully, tasteful backpacks have been rising in popularity over the last decade. Nowadays, you can find loads of great options for male bags, without having to have something that’s out of place. That’ll make it much easier to carry everything.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start accessorising! These parts of your outfit are easy to swap and change. And, they’re usually quite cheap. So, it’s not hard to complete your wardrobe with some cheap classics. You will notice more and more looks your way once you’ve got your accessories on point, so it’s very much worth it.

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