Make Your Clothing A Conversation Starter

Want your outfit to get people talking? If you’re going to a social gathering in which you don’t know anyone and are worried you’ll be struggling for small talk, why not make your clothing a conversation starter? Here are just a few ideas for wearing clothing that attracts conversation.


Display Your Interests

A simple way to engage with people is to display your interests. This could include a sports team t-shirt, a t-shirt of your favourite band or a souvenir from a country you’ve been to. These types of clothes immediately tell the people around you something about you and your personality. Many of these clothes are casualwear, but there could be ways of accessorising a formal outfit such as creatively themed cufflinks on a suit or a themed tie.

Embrace Humour

Humour is another great way of endearing people to you. Funny T shirts are great for social occasions as they can quickly break the ice. Meanwhile, when it comes to the festive period, wild Christmas jumpers are a great way to embrace humour. For work parties, you may even be able to break out a funny tie. Be wary of controversial humour – whilst this may attract attention, it could also get you into a few arguments, so be prepared for this.

Be Bold With Colours

Wearing bright colours could also encourage conversation. We’re naturally drawn to bright colours – at a formal event in which everyone’s dressed in suits, a colourful shirt or tie could be the perfect way to stand out. Pink is often the most controversial colour choice for men – if you’re daring enough to wear it, you’re likely to get some positive remarks about how brave you are for wearing pink.

Wear A Watch

Watches are obvious conversation starters for the simple fact that people will ask you what the time is. However, they can also be a great fashion statement. If you’re at a work event, a watch can help to make you look more professional by telling people that you’re organised and a good timekeeper. Meanwhile, for more casual events, a funky watch can help to show a sense of fun. Fellow watch enthusiasts are likely to take interest, particularly if you’re wearing something unique or expensive.

Make Your Shoes Stand Out

Your choice of shoes could also supply the means for a conversation starter. Wearing some unique sneakers could attract the attention of people in the room, particularly those that like their kicks. Meanwhile, if you’re going to a formal event, consider shining your shoes up so that they stand out and make an impression.

Use Other Accessories

Hats, bow ties, necklaces, belt buckles and spectacles can all be used to create conversation. Trying out one of these statement pieces at a social function could help to generate conversation. These could be designer pieces or themed accessories that could offer common ground.

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