Life Experiences That Should Be On Your ‘To Do’ List

Things to do


In today’s world, we tend to get less time to enjoy ourselves than ever before. It’s crucial that we make the most of our downtime by filling it with activities to remember.

If you’re stuck for inspiration on your ‘to do’ list, then look no further. These five options will give you plenty to look forward to over the coming months.


Sports Car Experience

There’s something special about driving a world class sports car. While most of us will never get to own one, we can at least get behind the wheel with a motoring experience day.

Best of all, driving on a race track provides the best and safest environment to put your pedal to the metal. Even if you aren’t a serious petrol head, this is an activity that you need to experience at least once in your life.


Run A Marathon

Keeping fit is one of the most important aspects in life, and the best way to stay motivated is to give yourself a challenge. Running a marathon will encourage you to get into shape and completing it will give you one of the greatest satisfactions imaginable.

Sporting challenges won’t just benefit you, as you can also raise money for charity. Besides, the race day atmosphere is a special gift that we should all look to experience at least once. If running isn’t your cup of tea, then you could always take up cycling or another form of competitive activity.


Helicopter Tour

There’s no better way to travel than by helicopter. Unfortunately, very few people have the money to afford such a luxury. Nonetheless, you can enjoy a slice of the good life thanks to a range of themed flights.

It doesn’t matter if it is sport or history; there will be a flight tailored to your passion. There’s no better way to see the sights and provides an experience that no man is likely to forget in a hurry.


Spa Day

The male outlook on grooming and good body care has progressed greatly, and a relaxing spa day is now accepted as an enjoyable way to recharge the batteries.

However, a spa retreat can also be used to kill two birds with one stone because your partner is bound to love it too. There are many benefits that the day offers, but cheering up your loved one has to rank top of that list.

It’s not often that you can pick a day out aimed for your partner’s benefit that still offers you plenty of enjoyment. Embrace this opportunity with open arms.



Shooting your friends might not sound like the most fun (it will to some), but paintball is another thrilling group activity that will provide plenty of magic memories.

Every man enjoys a bit of healthy competition with his mates, and paintball is also a great form of exercise that provides the chance to feel the joys of firing a gun too. It should be a definite inclusion on your ‘to do’ list.

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