Introducing The New JF Man Hair Care & Styling Brand – JF Man Review

Introducing the new JF man home hair care and styling products for men through our JF man review.

Men have never been so proud of their appearance, spending more time and money on looking their best everyday.

Even our favourite sporting hero’s & legends make sure their grooming is on point for those 90 minutes on the pitch.

With the popularity of male grooming & hair care, it’s no surprise that market leading hair care brands such as John Frieda are launching their own range of men’s hair care and styling product.

Introducing New JF Man – From The John Frieda Collection

John Frieda have launch their own men’s range of hair care and styling products for 2018, JF Man.

If you’re like us, you will love your hair the first few days after a fresh cut from your barber but start to become frustrated after your hair grows and your fresh trim starts to fade. Well, the new JF man range is designed to help maintain that ‘fresh from the barber’ feel. Designed to work in synergy with your natural hair characteristics to produce the best styling results and performance.

The JF Man range covers washing and caring for your hair, all the way through to styling. The brand believe that styling starts in the shower with the use of shampoos & conditioners, making it easier to style with their new men’s hair styling products.

The JF man range cover all hair types through their 2 unique systems; Lift & Control.

  1. Lift for flat hair that needs a little lift to add texture and thickness
  2. Control for curly hair that needs help being controlled (control range).

The range is exclusive to Boots where you can pick up the products for less than £10 each, often on offer too!

Lift System From JF Man

The JF man lift range is designed for men with flat, fine hair that needs a little lift.

The energising shampoo allows you to wash strength and volume into your hair which when combined with the lifting clay creme gives the hair lift and texture.


The JF Man Lift range is ideal for men with thin, receding hair.

Control System From JF Man

The JF Man Control range contains more products within the range compared to the lift range and is designed for men that need to control thick, unruly hair.

Tame your hair in the shower with their calming shampoo and conditioner followed with their styling products that help you to sculpt and shape your hair to your desired look. Just as well as your barber would do it!

JF Man Review

We are big fans of the new JF Man range.

John Frieda fully understand that the days of just applying gel to to a short back and sides are over. Men are fully engaged with the process of pre styling through premium shampoos and conditioners and using a hair dryer to achieve a certain hair style.

The levels of research that have gone into the brand are huge and it genuinely feels like JF Man fully understand what men need when it comes to styling their hair. Not every man is the same and therefore, not every hairstyling product should be.

If you’re using a shower gel to wash your hair then you shouldn’t moan about your hair style not lasting all day. You should be using a product designed for washing and conditioning hair, like either of the shampoos and conditioners from the JF Man range.

With both the lift and control styling systems, there is a product that every man can get engaged with and for this reason, we’re expecting big things for the brand for this year.

A big thumbs up from us in terms of the JF man review!

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