Top 3 Hair Loss Supplements & Vitamins From Holland & Barrett

I think it’s fair to say that both us Men and Women are vain when it comes to our hair, arguable more so than our clothes or looks. Unfortunately, hair loss can affect both men and women from a variety of ages. Some men experience hair loss in their early twenties while some men are never affected but for those of us who are affected by hair loss, there are solutions out there without having to a hair transplant like Wayne Rooney or Callum Best.

Callum Best Hair Loss Cosmetic Treatment
Callum Best Hair Loss Cosmetic Treatment

Holland & Barrett are one of the most popular and trusted retailers when it comes to supplements, often having a supplement for every type of problem. Unfortunately, men and woman of all ages are suffering from hair loss and supplements are a great way to control, deal and minimise the effects just through your lifestyle habits. A hair loss supplement is also lot cheaper than any cosmetic procedure!

We’ve sampled and reviewed some of the supplements that Holland & Barrett have to offer and we can honestly say we recommend the below products, based on our views and the reviews of others.

1) Holland & Barrett Hair Food Tablets

This product is heavily recommended with results being seen within one month after taking the supplements. The supplements ensure that you receive enough of the vital ingredients and vitamins which modern diets are lacking – resulting in fuller, thicker and stronger hair.

This product is a great one-a-day supplement which out competes other hair loss supplements which require more intake such as some 3-a-day vitamins. You can take them first thing in the morning and forget about about taking another hair loss tablet for the rest of the day.

Price: £10.69 (100 tablets) – 11p per tablet 

Holland & Barrett Hair Food Tablets
Holland & Barrett Hair Food Tablets for Hair loss

2) Holland & Barrett Herbal Liquid Iron

Holland & Barrett’s herbal liquid iron supplement is a great general supplement which has a wide range of benefits; increased immunity, brain function and transport of oxygen around the body. Increased immune system function and transportation of oxygen are essential to stronger, thicker and fuller hair. These are a great general supplement which has the advantage of being great for your hair, so you’re getting the hair benefits and lots of others too – win, win situation!

Price: £4.99 for 250ml

Holland & Barrett Herbal Liquid Iron
Holland & Barrett Herbal Liquid Iron For Hair loss

3) Viviscal’s Hair Growth Programme Tablets

Viviscal is a great hair loss brand that really understand hair and hair loss. They understand the influential factors that can trigger hair loss and propose the solution through their hair growth programme tablets. Viviscal supplements are scientifically formulated with the important nutrients Biotin and Zinc, which help maintain normal healthy hair growth from within and the proprietary marine protein complex AminoMar C.

The reviews for the hair growth programme are also really positive, with the benefits of the hair loss programme being visible within weeks – hair looks healthier and shinier within days and thicker within weeks. To maximise the benefits of the programme it is recommended to take the supplements for 3-6 months.

Viviscal Hair Growth Programme Tablets
Viviscal’s Hair Growth Programme Tablets For Hair loss

Price: £99.95 for 180 tablets or £49.95 for 60 tablets

There you have it, above are our favourite hair loss supplements on sale at Holland & Barrett.

Our closing advice would be to invest your time and money now before it is too late. Thinning hair now could quickly develope into complete hair loss and baldness, trust us when we say treating baldness is a lot harder and to be honest, a lot more expensive (unless you’re Wayne Rooney).

Don’t Be Fooled

On the internet you will find an endless list of hair loss treatments, promising instant results. Be warned, some of them are scams with the sole purpose to steal your money by giving you a dud product. Check out our Brivon and Vitahar article to read more about this classic hair loss scam.


Let us know your fights and struggles with hair loss and hopefully your positive results after taking supplements.

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