Healthy Lifestyle: The Healthiest Ways To Prepare Your Food

When it comes to staying fit and healthy, the onus is always on exercise. You will hear people who are so obsessed with exercise that they are contemplating what the best time of the day to exercise is. Of course, there is no doubt that exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. But, there are other things to contemplate, such as your diet.

Everyone has a relationship with food that can be negative at times. Although it feels good, it is not doing any good under the hood. To transform your relationship into a positive one, you need to start thinking about how you prepare food, not just what you eat.

  1.    Grilling

640px-GrillingTo start off with, let’s have a look at grilling. Grilling is infamous in a sense because a lot of people think it is unhealthy. However, it is not as unhealthy as people like to think, especially if you know a few trade secrets. Firstly, always make sure your food is marinated before it is grilled because it reduces carcinogens. Secondly, thoroughly scrub your grill after use to prevent the buildup of carcinogens. And thirdly, only grill small chunks of food. Grilling small pieces of food reduces the amount of time it spends on the grill. The grill also makes a big difference. If you purchase $500 gas grills, the quality is higher and doesn’t negatively affect the food as much as a cheaper grill. Now, you can enjoy healthy and tasty food!


  1.    Steaming

From one extreme to another, steaming is without a doubt the healthiest option for preparing food. As you probably know, steaming uses heat to warm up food. Whereas the grill or the oven adds extra elements to the cooking process, steaming is purely organic. The food doesn’t imbibe any extra unhealthy side-effects like olive oil, nor does it lose any of its nutrients. In fact, a meal of steamed fish and vegetables is about as healthy as you will find anywhere in the world.

  1.    Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker works in the same way as a steamer. The cooker prepares food by trapping in the natural juices and water of the food and uses them to cook the food thoroughly. The best thing is that you don’t have to add any oil, salt or fat for extra taste and richness. The cooker does all that for you and turns the natural nutrients of the food into an incredibly tasty meal. Pressure cookers are great for anything from soups and stews to rice and vegetables.


  1.    Stir Frying


What’s great about stir-frying is that it keeps food crunchy. Although steaming is a good alternative, vegetables can wilt due to the amount of steam. As vegetables don’t spend too much time in a wok, they are partially cooked and keep their crunch all the way through. Plus, only the heart of the pan gets hot, so you can keep food from getting overly unhealthy by moving it the sides to finish cooking. And, there is hardly any need for oil.

See, you can still prepare food in a tasty and healthy manner.

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