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Welcome to guest blogging at GroomingMail, the expert grooming & UK Style online destination for the modern man. We’re here to help keep him up to date on all things grooming, health and fitness and men’s style.

We are always on the look out for exciting, talented guest bloggers to join our growing team of expert bloggers and editors.

This is your chance to not just contribute to our site but to be an integral part of GroomingMail and to the life of the modern man.

What you write could full well influence how the modern man lives his life. Do you have what it takes to write for GroomingMail? If so, we’re excited to hear from you and read what you have to say.

We’re looking for guest bloggers to fill our site full to the brim with interesting, informative and influential articles full of tips, opinions and facts. We want original posts that fall into any area covered by our site, from news and reviews to personal experiences.

We’re eager to find people who can bring content that hasn’t been done hundreds of times before. If you’re just going to recycle articles that have been done before then we’re probably not going to be a perfect match for each other, unfortunately.

We like posts to be creative, full of photos and information – guest blogging at its finest right? What’s more, we love videos, anything funny or comical and so do our readers – our articles should leave our readers fulfilled or overwhelmed with the amount of useful information we’ve given them.

Guest Blogging Rules

Before you start sending us all your articles – we’re excited to read them but there are a few guest blogging rules we need you to follow:

  1. Although GroomingMail is the online destination for the modern man and the modern man has been known to swear, we don’t condone swearing, offensive views or language in our guest posts.
  2. We don’t condemn any guest posts that could be a direct attack at an organization or individual. We understand that everyone has their own views and opinions but negative ones are better left offline. We only shout about the good things and not the bad – no one wants to read negative opinions right?
  3. Guest posts should be the author’s own opinions and not influenced in anyway by being sponsored or paid. We’re happy for you to link to some of your favourite brands or sites but it needs to be genuine. That means not going over the top and name-dropping in every sentence and not spamming guest posts.
  4. In return for guest posting, we are happy for you to provide a link back to your own personal site or social media profile. After all, you deserve it for all the hard work and time you’ve put into your guest blog post. At the point, its worth noting that we only allow individuals to guest blog. If you’re tied to an organization in any way you will need to contact us as part of the organization you are representing.
  5. Please don’t make any punching statements that you can’t back up, and if you do state anything outrageous expect us to ask you to prove it.
  6. Our decision is final about publishing a guest post, so please respect that.

Finally, to start the ball rolling about guest blogging for GroomingMail, drop an email to contact@groomingmail.com with your proposal and a little about yourself, with links to your site (if you have one) and your social media profiles.

If you’re an organization/brand that wants to work with GroomingMail then you will need to visit our work with us page, as you’re in the wrong place right now.