Fish Soho: A New Hair Styling Brand You Need To Check Out

Any guy with thick hair will know all too well how hard and frustrating it can be to find a hair styling product that actually works and holds your hair the way you want it too. We’ve all experienced that feeling of looking in the mirror whilst out and about and realising your hair looks completely different from when you left the house!

The popularity of our popular article ‘how to style your hair like David Beckham‘ shows that us guys are turning to the internet for hair styling tips and inspiration but also what products are actually going to work and hold.

Fish Soho

We tried and tested several hair styling products on the market and recently stumbled across Fish’s range of hair styling products. We saw them stocked in Boots and thought we would give them a try – we’re sold.

We tried most of their range and our favourite product has to be the Fish Stonefish Styling Clay. It’s a great clay that isn’t too dry and isn’t too wet – no greasy, wet look feeling. It also washes out easily which makes a change to most hair styling products. Big thumbs up from us and its now our product of choice. Don’t believe us? Check the reviews on Boot’s website, rated 4.5/5 stars.


  • Perfect for a short and choppy style
  • Matt finish with medium hold
  • Doesn’t clump hair or crumble

Happy Birthday Fish

Fish recently celebrated their 20th birthday, having released their first product in 1995 – a water soluble hair wax with a coconut fragrance. Roll on 20 years and they now have a range of over 25 products to try.


Styling Tip

We thought we’d end our article with a Messy Quiff styling tip using Flexyfish Spray Wax. Apply the gel to damp hair and blow dry your hair up and away from the face to create volume. Once, dry, finish with the Spray Wax to add texture and definition to your quiff.

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