GroomingMail Takes On ‘The Grid’ Workout Class At Virgin Active, Nottingham

As you know, we at GroomingMail are about more than just skincare and style. For us fitness is a key element when it comes to looking and feeling great. We take the gym as seriously as we take Givenchy.


The fitness industry is booming right now and shows no signs of slowing. Once upon a time my Instagram feed was full of food, beer gardens and sunshine. Nowadays I’m more likely to see abs, protein shakes and Quest Bars.

HIIT at Virgin Active

HIIT & LISS (words I’d never even heard of this time last year) are two techniques adopted by regular gym goers. It’s therefore no surprise that fitness giant Virgin Active has introduced a range of HIIT style classes called The Grid. Members have four Grid classes to choose from: Active, Fit, Lean or Strong.

This morning went to experience Grid Lean and thankfully we just about lived to tell the tale. This class isn’t for the faint hearted. Described by Virgin Active as the class which blasts calories in record time, Grid Lean is a tabata style workout with eight stations. You work your socks off for twenty seconds at each station before having ten seconds rest where you move to the next exercise on the grid. Once you’ve completed all eight stations you’re then faced with a tough minute. If you survive round one you have two further rounds to look forward too.

I’ve preached about HIIT fora while now. Why? It enables me to have an intense workout when I’m short on time and as a 30 minute class, Grid Lean lends itself perfectly to those who don’t have time on their side.

So what can you expect at each station? I was treated to a full body workout: Kettlebell Swings, Burpees, Straddle Jumps, Mountain Climbers, 180 Squat Jumps and Woodway Curve Sprints to name a few.

Could I breathe at the end? Barely.

Would I do it again? Absolutely.

Virgin Active salutes you with our shaky, aching arm. This class is a killer but we loved it and we’ll be back to try our hand at Grid Active, Strong and Fit.

Have you tried The Grid? Let us know how you got on in our comments section below.

Interested in trying out a workout class at Virgin Active, Nottingham? Then read about the gym below:

In our opinion it’s hard to find something that this gym lacks. A spin studio, holistic studio, two further studios, adult and child pools, sauna, steam room, crèche, cafe, huge changing rooms, 4 hours car parking and an extensive class list. We’ve seen Virgin, Nottingham go through a couple of refurbishments within the past few years so you definitely feel like your money is being invested in the latest equipment and classes.
The gym floor is huge and has a wide variety of equipment, there’s also a ladies specific zone which we know is important to many women. The floor staff are friendly and the PT’s are always working their clients hard. However our favourite thing about Virgin has to be the extensive range of classes it offers. Be it spin, body pump or some of the new classes like Zuu and Grid, we feel there’s a class for everyone at every fitness level and with regular class refreshes we certainly have never found ourselves bored.
  • Gym memberships vary and corporate rates are also offered
  • Great for families with a crèche and kids club facility
  • Close to the city centre and train station
  • Full of modern equipment and big enough to never feel over crowded
Virgin Active Nottingham
Virgin Active Nottingham | Gyms in Nottingham

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