How To Get Informal Menswear Right

Formalwear is pretty straightforward for men, but getting informal everyday style right can be more difficult.

If you are going out to dinner or even to a wedding you can pretty much guess what you are supposed to wear and how you are supposed to wear it. That good suite in the back of your wardrobe will do for most formal occasions, but how do you nail everyday style?

Informal wear is so much more exciting because there is a lot more diversity in terms of men’s fashion, but this can also mean a lot of guys get it wrong. Don’t be afraid though! It is much easier to get right than you think, and when you do get it right you can look on point.

Whether you want to look good when going to meet some mates at a bar, or you want to make the right impression when going on a date with someone to the movies, this advice is for you.

Express Yourself

The great thing about informal wear for men is that is is so much more diverse than formal wear. There is a lot more opportunity for you to try new things with your style and express yourself when you’re doing it. Take this opportunity to try out new things and express your style in any way you want.

On informal occasions, you might be dressing to impress, but showing your individuality will always come through.

Whether you are hanging out with your mates or with your other half, showing that you have style and individuality through what you wear is always going to make a good impression.

Take this time to try out new things, and if it looks good, let it creep into your formal wear.

Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

Although monochrome colour schemes can look really sharp and work for many different styles, so many men are afraid of going anywhere near colour.

Colour is not difficult to get right and it will certainly make you stand out from every other guy wearing black, white and grey when you are about town.

If you are just introducing colour to your wardrobe and don’t know how to do it, try a block t-shirt to start off. Try Seek Attire if this sounds like your kind of style.

Most colours will go with any jeans and then it will probably look great with any jacket you have in your wardrobe. If you’re feeling ambitious try some colourful shoes if you want to make a statement. Although you might need to clean them a bit more often, colourful shoes can create an amazing impression and jazz up any informal outfit.

Here are a few ideas to get you started if you want to get your informal style on point. Whether you prefer classic simplistic looks, or you like to explore your style, there is something here for everyone. There is a lot of interesting styles out there at the minute for men, so make sure you get inspired and use them in your own wardrobe.