A Five-Step Guide For Planning A Surprise Romantic Getaway

We may have just passed Valentine’s Day, but who says you can only bring the love on one day of the year? There’s always potential to show your better half just how much you love them. And what says love more than romance? It doesn’t get much more romantic than a surprise trip to an exciting destination. You get to surprise them, show them that you care, and have a fun getaway yourself, too! Below, we take a look at how you can put this together.

Five-Step Guide For Planning A Surprise Romantic Getaway

1. Pick Your Dates

Now, you’re in charge of a surprise trip away…but think of how difficult it can be to organise a trip when you’re both on board. While you can take care of most of the details with ease, deciding when you want – or can – go can be problematic. You’ll need to keep in mind any other commitments that your partner has made and ensure that they can get time off work. As such, it’s a good idea to chat with your partner’s friends and work; if necessary, you can book the time off for them. We’re sure they won’t mind when they see why you’ve done it!

2. Where To Go?

Now, isn’t that a big question? Where do you go? Where you decide will depend on how much time you have, and what your partner likes to do. If you only have a weekend to play with, then you can’t go wrong with a city break. You can fly out on the Friday, soak up the sights over the weekend, and then return home late on the Sunday evening. If you have a week or more, then a city will be too much: it’ll be all about the beach and sunshine!

3. Funding The Adventure

Now, while you’re going to get all of the credit for organising such a thoughtful trip, you’re also going to be hit with the bulk of the expenditure. Paying for one person to travel is tough enough; it can feel outright impossible when you’re covering the costs of someone else on top. However, there are options that’ll help you to finance the trip, even if you’ve past financial mistakes. There are personal loans poor credit available, for instance. With the money in the bank, you’ll be able to get the key details booked, and then slowly pay off the balance each month.

4. Planning Extra Surprises

The trip itself is a big surprise, but who says they have to stop the moment you board a plane? Think of ways to incorporate a few extra surprises into the break, and you’ll have a trip to remember. This could be a fancy dinner at the best restaurant in town, or going to see a show that your loved one has always wanted to see.

5. The Big Reveal

And now the hard part: how do you reveal the surprise? We’re a fan of the old ‘blindfolded and put in a car heading to the airport” idea, but you know your partner best!

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