How To Find The Perfect Suit According To Your Body Type

Nothing destroys style more quickly than an ill-fitting suit. It’s something that might come across as obvious to most people, but a suit that doesn’t fit correctly can make you go from well-dressed to sloppy in no time flat.


A good suit is important for conveying professionalism, and it’s crucial if you’re going to a job interview or if you need a good fit when attending a wedding.

Sometimes, however, it may not even be your fault. We’re all built differently, and that means the suit you choose should be bought with this in mind. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the different body types you can expect to find and the type of suit to pair with it.

The Triangle

Wide shoulders, broad chest and a trim waist – if you’ve put in a lot of time at the gym then chances are this is what you’re physique is looking like. It’s what tailors like to call the “perfect V” shape and lends itself well to many different types of suits. What you should avoid, however, are suits that are too narrow that might encase your figure. You’ll also want to opt for a suit that’s got a softer cut on the shoulder line to avoid looking like a giant. Single breasted suits, such as those from Peter Hahn are a good middle ground – they’ll show off your physique without bulking up your frame too much.

Short & Stocky

If your frame is on the bulkier side – think the captain of a rugby team – then you’re going to want something that fits well and adds a slimming effect too. Being slightly more squat and muscular means you’ll have to keep things simple. The name of the game here is minimal – it’s best to shed any extraneous details and frivolous flair that might add extra bulk to your outline. When it comes to trousers, be sure opt for something straight cut, well-fitted and not baggy in the least to balance out the top.


If your frame is on the slighter side, then tailoring is going to do you a world of good and help you to feel comfortable and look good in a suit. Opt for a roped shoulder to add a bit more bulk to your shoulder line. If you’re into the double-breasted look then it’s a great option for adding more presence to your look. Ensure that your trousers are slim fit and tailored – there’s nothing worse than baggy pants on a skinny frame. And lastly, the benefits of a slighter build is that suits lend themselves more readily to patterns – houndstooth and checks are definitely your friends in this regard.

For more inspiration, take the time to see what some of the world’s biggest celebs are wearing when they hit the red carpet. By doing this, you can find a celebrity who matches your figure and then discover new styles you might love (or what styles to avoid!).

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