E-Juice Flavours To Experiment With This Summer 

Summer is a great time for all, no matter whether you spend your days chilling on the beach or having fun at your neighbourhood barbecue. Therefore, if you happen to be a vaper, you want to capture the essence of summer perfectly by stocking up on the best summer e-liquids available.

With vaping becoming more popular and more flavours being introduced to the market, there’s a wide-spread selection of e-liquids that’ll keep you cool and in the summer mood.

Here are a few flavour suggestions to consider to keep you in the spirit of summer, no matter where the day may take you.

E-Juice Flavours To Experiment With This Summer:

– Experiment With Some Fruity Flavours

The season of summer is fit to burst with fresh fruit and berries, and there’s never a better time than a prime summer day to enjoy a picnic and an indulgent fruit salad.

It’s fair to say that when summer comes to mind, so do the days of enjoying the tastes of newly grown fruits to keep you cool under the intense sun-rays.

Now you can experience the exact same feeling and sense of summer nostalgia through a range of different e-liquid flavours that have specifically been created to capture the fruity essence.

Cool down with the taste of Shijin Vapor Frozen Berries or experience the sense of biting into a fresh, juicy mango or melon with a wide selection and variety of flavours. No matter what your fruit preferences may be, you’ll be sure to be able to find the perfect e-juice to give you that summer time kick.

Stick with your preferred tastes with simpler flavours of banana or watermelon, take a dive in the deep end and indulge in the experience of Kilo E Liquid’s white chocolate covered strawberries, or try a more tropical fruit mix such as Ruthless Jungle Fever or Slurricane.

– Keep The Sweet Times Lasting

When it comes to summer, we commonly think of enjoying a refreshing ice-cream on the beach or indulging in mounds of candy at the local amusement park.

Keep your sweet tooth satisfied this summer by exploring the various possible candy flavours of e-liquids that have been created to keep you feeling as if you have an endless supply of cotton candy.

As well as being refreshing and oh-so delicious, this range of candy flavoured juices will keep you feeling nostalgic for your childhood days. Experience a flavoursome ice-blast with the help of Candy King Belts Strawberry On Ice or enjoy the frosty sour tang of Candy King Sour Worms On Ice.

If you’d prefer to go for a more traditional and childhood favourite approach, why not venture out and try flavours such as Candy King Swedish, which perfectly captures the essence of the beloved Swedish Fish.

No matter where your summer days may take you, you want to keep the good times rolling and the flavours bursting, which is why it’s the perfect time to broaden your e-liquid flavours. Experiment with different summer flavours to keep you both cool under the sun and enjoying every inhale throughout your day.

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