Dress To Impress: Essential Smart Casual Items For AW 2017

Crunching leaves underfoot, long walks in the woods with the dogs, and huddling around the bonfire, sipping Bovril. That is what the British Autumn time is all about. However, to enjoy all of these experiences to the fullest, you do need to be properly attired for the occasion. So, read on to find out what you need to stock your wardrobe with for the coming autumn season.


A gilet or body-warmer is always a great choice for autumn-winter (AW) wear. They are stylish, masculine, and really do keep the cold out on the nippier days.

So which one should you go for as a wardrobe investment piece? Well, Joules do some great diamond quilted and striped quilted options for men. At around £50 they won’t break the bank either. For a higher-end designer option, there is the Brunello Cucinelli cashmere trimmed shell down gilet in suede. A snip at only £3660! Although, if your budget doesn’t quite stretch that far you will find some great alternatives on the high street in places like Next and H&M.


Getting the bottom half of your outfit right is just as important as the top you know! That is why you have to think carefully about the bottoms you will choose for the autumn-winter season. Moleskin trousers are a stylish option that will also keep you comfortable and warm during the colder weather. You can even get a few pairs in different colours, as this will allow you to create a variety of outfits with the rest of the items that you have available.

It can also be helpful to have a pair of jeans that work well with the rest of your smart-casual wardrobe. You can go for something that is the high of fashion like this or pick a more classic cut like the 501’s from Levis. Something that will allow for a more timeless look.


Is there anything better in the cold weather than putting on a warm jumper? With this in mind keep an eye out for nautical styles with cable knit patterns this season. Basically, anything that makes you look like you have crewed on a boat, or just popped over from The Netherlands is bang on trend this year. You can even ask granny to have a go at knitting you one for Christmas if you like.


Another AW staple is a nice warm jacket. One that will protect you from the rain and snow as well as the cold icy wind.

A super traditional option for this is the Barbour Wax Jacket. Go for the utility option as this is covered in pockets that you can store all of your useful outdoorsy gadgets like pen knives and drinking flasks.

A more modern, but still reasonably smart-casual pick is that is woollen pea coat. An item that looks smart over jeans or trousers and will definitely keep the cold out. However, if you are really looking to make a statement, then a tan shearling number with soft lambswool inside is a great choice for both a smart casual style and keeping warm.

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