Discover The Hottest Trends In Men’s Trousers

When it comes to fashion, there seems to be a lot more variety for women in order for them to express themselves. It’s a common misconception that men have limited choice when it comes to fashion and clothing. Although we may be limited to shorts or trousers when it comes to fashion from the waist down, there are multiple styles, fabrics and looks we can explore to express our style.

A man dressed in smart, suit-like trousers looks completely different to a guy dressed in casual cargo trousers, despite both using a pair of trousers as their key staple piece.

So what are the hottest trends in men’s trousers?

Hottest Trends In Men’s Trousers

Tones of different looks can be explored by varying different textures, cuts and fabrics.

Ripped Denim

Denim jeans have been a popular and constant choice for men’s trousers. If you were to walk around town on the weekend, you will see that the majority of men choice denim as the trousers of their choice.

Despite jeans being popular for years, new trends are constantly being explored or re-born every year. The past 5 years was all about the super skinny jeans for men, whereas now men are transitioning more to a ripped texture which are less skinny.

Ripped jeans are great for a night out when combined with a shirt (checked or smart-causal) or looks great with a simple t-shirt when worn in the daytime.

Ripped jeans are huge on social media at the moment as there super hot right now!


Chinos are a classic trouser choice for a Sunday, why you ask? We’ll despite denim jeans being bang on trend, the skinny & tight nature of denim can sometimes be restrictive and uncomfortable, leaving little room to breathe. All well and good when you want to look fashionable but not so much when you want to sit back and relax – which is what Sunday’s are all about. Also, chinos are a great choice for a classic Sunday lunch, there looser and give you room to breath.

Chinos are a great trouser choice to help you rock a smart causal look when teamed up with a plain shirt and premium pair of loafers. What’s more, we’re pretty confident that chinos will always be a key trouser fashion staple that will never go out of style.


Dungarees were an iconic look in the 90s and based on current trends, there due to become popular again with some modern twists.

Maybe not the perfect choice of trouser for anyone that doesn’t want to stand out, as these will certainly make you stand out from the crowd but definitely something to explore if you want to maintain your fashionable status.

Great when teamed up with a white t-shirt or shirt.

Printed Shorts

Prints are really fashionable at the moment, in particular men’s shirts. This trend is now predicted to take our the male short market too.

Soon men won’t just be wearing plain, chino-like shorts, they’ll be supporting shorts printed with palm-tree prints for example. Seeing a shift from shirts being a staple piece of clothing to shorts now being the firm favourite to express your style.


So here are 4 ways to stay on trend when it comes to your trousers. Grab a pair of on trend trousers/shorts from Shoppers Stop online store, a multi brand store equipped with all the latest styles and some great offers.

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