David Lloyd West Bridgford Review: 5 Reasons To Join The Nottingham David Lloyd Club

With flawless selfies on Instagram at our finger tips and sugar-rich diets easily accessible, there is now more pressure then ever to be your best both physically and mentally. With so much ‘pressure’ on modern society, it comes at no surprise to learn that gym memberships are on the rise at gym chains such as David Lloyd, the Gym, Virgin Active and many more. However, joining a gym needn’t be viewed as a negative or inconvenience as the majority of population perceive it to be. It can become part of your everyday life, enhancing your both physically and mentally.

There are so many gyms out there, all offering different packages and equipment to help us achieve our fitness goals. However, with some people going for the gym only, budget end of the spectrum it comes as no surprise that people give up so easily. What’s fun about going all the way to the gym to simply workout and then just leave? You’re much more likely to enjoy working out if you can relax afterwards in a Jacuzzi for example.

David Lloyd West Bridgford, Nottingham offers the full package – one of the best gyms in Nottingham from a facilities point of view, an awesome place to chill out after a workout. Oh, and even the perfect cafe/bar area to pig out in afterwards.

Joining David Lloyd West Bridgford is more of a lifestyle choice, as there is so much more to do than just workout. Find 5 reasons why we love David Lloyd West Bridgford, based on our review below and see why you should join if you’re based in Nottingham.

David Lloyd West Bridgford Review

Here are 5 reasons as to why you should join David Lloyd, West Bridgford if you work or live in the Nottingham area:

1) Local & Accessible

One of the major perks of joining this David Lloyd club is that it has great access from the Nottingham area. As it is located in West Bridgford, it is really close to Trent Bridge, the A52, A606 and A453. Meaning you could be from Nottingham’s train station to the doors of the club in just 10 minutes.

What’s more, Nottingham also has another David Lloyd club additional to the west bridgford health club. Therefore, not only is the West Bridgford club easy to get to but you also have the choice of the Alferton club close by if you’re close by (membership permitting).

Having 2 healths clubs from the same brand is a rarity for Nottingham, with most other gym chains only having 1 club in the city. This is super important for helping you to stay on track with your fitness goals. The key to achieving your health & fitness goals is frequency, you need a gym that is a) local to you and that you can get too easily and b) has a great range of fitness equipment, David Lloyd West Bridgford is the perfect club to help you achieve your fitness goals.

2) Perfect Place To Relax

One of the perks of joining a health & fitness club, like David Lloyd, is the post-workout chill you can enjoy after working out hard in the gym. David Lloyd West Bridgford has great spa facilities including a sauna, both an outdoor and indoor jacuzzis plus an indoor steam room – theres no better way to end a tiring leg sessions than by relaxing in the outdoor jacuzzi whilst the sun goes down.


Swimming is an activity/workout loved by many, it’s a great workout for the whole body or a great exercise to start your fitness journey with. Some people also find swimming relatively relaxing due to the floating and gliding sensation you get when doing lengths, it’s also a great way to dull the world out and put the world to rights in your head by swimming under water, without distractions. David Lloyd West Bridgford has both an indoor and outdoor pools, making it a perfect health club to join if you love swimming. Also meaning that you have a plan B if your normal pool is full.

3) State Of The Art Equipment

It’s so much easier to stay healthy and achieve your goals when you enjoy working out. For some of us, this means updating your workout regularly to keep it challenging and fun. With so much equipment at David Lloyd, it’s hard not to mix up your workouts and try a new workout on the state of the art equipment.

The Nottingham based gym has recently introduced new equipment into the gym.

The club also has great group workout classes which are always being updated or enhanced for a better workout experience. Broga (Yoga aimed at men) if one of our favourite classes.

Overall the equipment at the gym is probably the best compared to other gyms in the area, featuring some of the newest machines in West Bridgford and the best general condition of the equipment.

Read our article on the best gyms in Nottingham to join and see how our review of David Lloyd West Bridgford compares to other gyms in the area.

4) Summer Loving

A massive perk of a David Lloyd club is how perfect the clubs are for summer. The West Bridgford club has  a huge outdoor pool surrounded with sun loungers, making it the perfect place to kick back when the suns out and top up your tan.

We have to say that, last summer was great for us, working by the pool on a lounger or in the pool side cafe. We’re so excited for more sunny days spent round the pool at David Lloyd this summer.

5) Temporary Office

It’s quite common to see members using David Lloyd as a temporary office, with people using the members areas to catch up on emails or work in the relaxed environments. The members areas are perfect for workings as you can escape the outside world whist enjoying coffee, food and drinks on request.

Worried about being distracted by the sound of kids? Don’t be, David Lloyd West Bridgford has an adults only section, making it great when looking for some piece and quiet when you have a massive to do list.

The club is a great venue for members to invite guests to have casual meetings at too; simply grab a coffee from the David Lloyd cafe and work up a deal!

There you have our David Lloyd West Bridgford review, leave a comment below with your review of the David Lloyd club.

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