Cool Novelty Gift Ideas For Modern Men

Gone are the days when a couple of cans of body spray would suffice as a quality male gift. The world is just a different place now – everyone owns a computer, console and phone, so you have to get creative when buying presents.


And that’s why the novelty gift industry, and the wide array of options at your disposal, are getting more popular. When people have everything they could possibly need, what do you buy them on that special date?

So, no matter the occasion, if you have a male you need to buy a gift for (or want a wishlist for yourself!) this post is your one-stop guide. Happy shopping!

Digital Coin Counters

Via Pixabay

Via Pixabay

As a guy, I generally have problems with saving my cash. It’s not because I don’t want to, it’s because… well… I like buying stuff. If saving cash were more fun, and turned into some sort of game, maybe it’d be a more appealing hobby. Luckily, with a digital coin counter, it can be!

It’s a simple concept, acting as a coin bank that counts your cash as you slide it in. Think of it as a high-tech piggy bank, without the piggy part. Most people will own a coin holder of some sort, but they’re usually dull, little more than glorified aluminium cans. A digital coin counter would fit right into any modern, tech-based room, and has a functional purpose to boot. Win/win.

Loot Boxes

The concept of the Loot Box has truly taken off in the past couple of years or so. For the uninitiated, it’s a simple idea. Users subscribe to a service (or pay for a one-off gift) and get delivered a box of ‘loot’ each month.

Via WikiMedia

Via WikiMedia

For modern men, this is especially appealing. We all love pop-culture, and we all love going to the movies and playing games. We all love Iron Man, Captain America, Batman, Superman, Star Wars, Disney, Uncharted… the list goes on! Entertainment is such a huge part of modern living, that it’s great to be able to interact with these materials beyond just watching a screen.

Of course, if you’re buying a gift for your brother or father, it’s unlikely you’ll want to pay a subscription. Fortunately, most of these services let you pay for a one-off box, with no strings attached. There are tons of ways to find out more about this – you could visit Super Loot, for example. For pop-culture enthusiasts, you can’t go wrong here!

Wallet Ninja

Have you ever been in a pinch, and suddenly needed a bottle opener? Have you ever been putting up some furniture, and needed a screwdriver immediately? What about a ruler, or a box opener?

Well, fortunately, a Wallet Ninja exists to fulfil all these needs, and more. For men who lead busy lives, this is an essential tool. It can help out in a variety of situations, and what’s more, it’s credit-card sized. You can slip it in your wallet, and have all these functions in your pocket! In that sense, it’s almost like it’s custom built for men. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know too many women who carry around a wallet.

Wallet Ninja’s are made of metal, so they won’t bend if you’re using them as a screwdriver or bottle opener. It’s a creative gift that is actually rather useful, so it won’t just gather dust on some random bedroom shelf. Hopefully.

Whistle Key Finder Keyring


Have you ever lost your house keys? How about your car keys? I have. Many, many times. The time spent trying to find them is often extensive, and wasted. It’s a monotonous task that’s frustrating to boot.

A whistle key finder is useful in this scenario. It’s a device that you attach to your keyring, and when you whistle, it’ll beep. It’ll also flash a bright red light, meaning it’s pretty much impossible to lose your keys.

Can’t find them in your bedroom? Whistle, and they’ll beep and flash. Keys found. You just saved 5 minutes of boring scrambling through clothes and clutter, which is a victory in any sense. If you are quite clumsy yourself, or you need a gift for a clumsy man, then this is perfect. Just try not to lose the box before you unwrap it, please?

Buying gifts isn’t easy, I shall not lie. It requires much careful thought, planning and knowledge of the person in question. But when it gets so tricky that the buying process seems nigh-on impossible, you have to think outside the box. And it doesn’t get more outside the box than these.

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