What To Consider When Buying A New Watch

While buying a new watch might not be as important as a new car or house, it’s still a big step in a man’s life.

After all, a watch is likely to be something you’ll be wearing every day for a long time.

If the time has come to pick up a new watch, either because your old one is lost or perhaps your style has changed, then there are several things to consider when making this decision.


This is likely to be your first port of call, as money tends dictates most things these days.

Your bank account shouldn’t have to suffer just so that you can have an item that can tell the time. Brands like MVMT and Swatch are well-known for producing quality yet inexpensive watches. But hey, if the heart wants what the heart wants and you’re after the premium luxury brands like Rolex or Omega, then we’d advise not going straight to the mall and buying in-store, but first seeing if there are cheaper second-hand models available online.

Chrono24 is a good site to check out a Rolex, as they may well have something you love that doesn’t have a horrendous price tag.

Brand Heritage

Some of our top watches for summer are brands that have impeccable reputations and consistently quality models, such as Breitling and Cluse.

If you’re not a major risk-taker, then definitely consider a brand’s heritage. The aforementioned Rolex and Omega have been around for decades, so if anyone knows how to craft a watch, it’s Swiss manufacturers such as those.

Seiko is another brand who have a lot of experience in watchmaking. However, if you like to take a chance once in a while, then by all means look at some newer brands and see how they fair. You might be pleasantly surprised.


In essence: what are you using this watch for?

For many, a watch is merely a fashion accessory – something to improve your look and be a conversation starter. For others, a watch is a part of their daily life.

Some need a waterproof watch to help keep track of time when swimming laps in the pool. While others might need a technologically advanced watch to help them manage phone calls and texts, as well as something to play media on.

There are luxury watches, military watches, smart-watches… the list goes on. Think about how you’ll use this watch every day and you’ll have a better idea of what to get.


Finally, which model you choose is just as important as the brand itself.

There are often dozens and dozens of unique models crafted by every watch manufacturer, so be sure to pick one that speaks to you.

Don’t get a watch that you think others will like, buy a watch for you, as you’re the one looking at it several times a day!

Think about the colour of the watch face, the size of the hands, the colour and material of the strap, and what type of symbols are used for the numbers.

Most importantly, consider how it looks on your wrist when you actually try it on, if it feels like a part of you, then you’ve found the watch for you!

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