Common Male Grooming Myths And Why Looking After Your Skin Needn’t Be Daunting

Guys, male grooming needn’t be a daunting task – there are so many home remedies, tips and skincare routines out there on the big wide web but don’t let that fool or confuse you! GroomingMail have teamed up with ManCave to help set the record straight when it comes to male grooming.

Put simply, male grooming should be a small part of your day but the results should be long lasting. Don’t be thinking that you have to spend an hour everyday to help you look your best… Who has time for that?

Below you will find some common male grooming myths and why ManCave could be the perfect brand for you.

Myth #1 – Men’s and women’s products are the same

False. Men’s skin is naturally very different to women’s, the skin is up to 20% thicker than most women’s. Men also have much oilier skin which ages differently meaning us guys need different vitamins and minerals which we get from grooming products.

ManCave’s products are developed specifically for men and the bold branding is an unapologetic statement of masculinity and pride. No need to worry about this myth because ManCave has got you covered.

Myth #2 – Moisturisers will make oily skin oilier

Contrary to popular belief, moisturisers don’t necessarily make oily skin worse. Most (good) moisturisers are designed to lock in the skin’s naturally moisture, whilst helping to protect the skin from the daily elements and harsh conditions like air pollution, wind and sudden changes in temparature.

ManCave’s original face moisturiser is enriched with bio-actives to create a easily absorbed, smoothing formula. Helping to rejuvenate, retexture and firm up your skin whilst leaving a smooth matte finish – sounds like a winner to us. For guys with natural oily skin, a matte finish is the desired finish you need!

Myth #3 – The more shaving gel, the better the shave

False. When it comes to shaving, less is always more. Drowning your face in shaving gel or cream could leave your skin feeling dry whist emptying your shaving cream bottle sooner than you’d expected. The key to shaving gels is finding one that will provide even coverage and allow the razor blade to glide across the face with just a small amount of product. Check out our guide the to perfect shave here

So what do we recommend? ManCave’s ShaveGel is infused with a Pre-Shave treatment to soften the beard while preparing skin for a close and comfortable shave, using only a small amount of product.

Myth #4 – Shaving after a shower is better

Curveball. This one is actually true. Shower steam opens up the pores for a closer, cleaner shave and to minimise skin irritation and redness, also great for helping to minimise in growing hairs.

To get even more out of your shower, use an invigorating shower gel such as ManCave’s Lemon & Oak ShowerGel which has been developed to uplift and stimulate with a wide range of essential oils, ensuring your skin is prepared for the day ahead.

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