Brilliant Gift Ideas For A Football Fan

Football is something that many people follow. Some enjoy watching the sport from the comfort of their homes. Others prefer attending events in person. And a few football-mad fans will even spend time playing for local teams!

There’s no denying that football is a sport that will continue to enjoy popularity for some time to come. Do you have a football-mad person in your life? Do you need to buy them a gift soon? If so, you might be a little unsure what to get them. To help you out, I’ve listed some examples of perfect football gift ideas. Check them out:


Personalised Football Mug

Does the football-mad person in your life enjoy drinking several cups of tea or coffee each day? If so, one thing you should get them is a personalised football mug!

Such a gift idea offers plenty of customisation options. For example, you could put a photo of a favourite match or event on the mug. Of course, you might also want to put their name on the mug to make it even more special.

The great thing about personalised football mugs is they will get used every day. That means they’ll have a constant reminder of the cherished team they support!

Football Club Medal


Does the person in your life play for a local football team? If so, you might be wondering how to use that fact as part of a gift idea. One option is to consider football club medals. To make the gift even more special is to tie it in with a particular event.

For example, his or her team winning a significant match. You could get them a medal to remind them of a victory from a past football event if they no longer play the sport.

Giant Football Cookie

Are you thinking of gift ideas for a birthday? If so, dispense with tradition and forget about getting the person in question a cake. Instead, why not opt for a delicious giant cookie? You can have it decorated in the style of a football (of course).

What if the person in your life already has plenty of past football-related gifts? Well, an edible present is an excellent way to offer something different!

Football Table


You might also know them as foosball tables. In a nutshell, they are fun football games that two people can play at any time! It’s a table where players control figures mounted on rotating bars. Each player uses these bars to “kick” the ball and score goals.

It’s one of those fun gift ideas that even non-football people will enjoy playing!

Football Club Memory Book

It’s likely the football-mad person in your life will follow a specific team. One gift they will treasure all their lives is a football club memory book.

The book gets filled with things like photos and newspaper clippings of important events. You could buy one already-made from places like Amazon. Or you could create one from scratch although this may take you some time to do!

Whatever format you present it in, the book will be something they’ll enjoy reading!

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