Brad Pitt’s Home Hairstyling Guide From The Film Fury, Cut & Products To Use

Brad Pitt’s 2014 movie Fury saw him rocking a fashionable undercut hairstyle whilst fighting off the opposition during World War II.


Even though the film was set over 60 years ago, a lot of us are dying to get our hands on the secret to how to style your hair like Brad’s undercut in the movie. Brad Pitt has supported many different hairstyles over the years, but this undercut has definitely got to be one of our most memorable.

How To Style Your Hair Like Brad Pitt’s In The Movie Fury

Below is a great video by ‘Slikhaar TV‘  which shows you how to style your hair the same way Brad Pitt has his styled his in the World War II movie Fury.

In the movie we see Brad Pitt supporting a undercut hair style – a style which is bang on trend for this year, let alone of the time period the movie was set in. The video has some recommended products which will help you achieve hair like Brad Pitt’, we’ve tried them and can confirm the products work a treat.

Slikhaar TV‘ – a men’s hairstyling youtube channel which provide styling tips every week to help inspire men to perfect themselves through style and perfect hair. The male grooming channel was founded by twin brothers Emil and Rasmus. Every week they provide us with new hairstyling inspiration: from tutorials, how to videos, celebrity and footballer hairstyles and professional tips to optimize your hair and overall style. Make sure you give their channel a browse, there is a video for every hair style you can think of. 

Brad Pitt’s Hair Product:

In the video the guys show you what products you need to use to help style your hair like Brad – the guys recommend using Gold Digger 65ml which is a professional hair wax with an extreme hold and a matte finish. You can pick this product up for around £50 on amazon, which at first seems a litter pricey but when you read the reviews (rated 5* online) it seems to be worth every penny – you won’t be disappointed.

Gold Digger 65ml - By Vilain
Gold Digger 65ml – By Vilain | David Beckham Hairstyle

Gold Digger Travel is great if you’re going away in the summer or want to try it out before you purchase the largest size.

Travel Size
Gold Digger Travel Size | David Beckham Style

That undercut hairstyle that Brad Pitt rocks looks so natural, not styled with loads of product or made to look greasy, over-groomed and unnatural.

Brad Pitt Hairstyle Guide:

The Cut:

It’s really important to ensure that you always have your hair cut by a professional, going rogue and cutting it yourself can be risky and you can be left living with the results for a few weeks.

In order to style your hair like Brad Pitt’s from the movie Fury, you’re going to have to ask for it cut in a certain way. Simply show your barber a picture of the desired look or better yet, we briefly described the cut below.

On the sides, you need a rough length of around 1 mm which then fades into 5 mm on the top. You then need to keep the fridge fairly long in order for it to sweep back, an ideal length would be around 12mm. The upper top of your hair needs to be shorter than your fringe at around 9-10mm.

How To Style The Undercut Like Brad Pitt:

You can follow the below step by step guide to get your own Brad Pitt undercut hairstyle.

  1. Ensure your hair is washed and conditioned before styling your hair like Brad Pitt.
  2. Apply some pre-styling spray that has heat protection to protect your hair from heat damage.
  3. Blow dry your fringe backwards, towards the back of your head until relatively dry.
  4. Side sweep your hair to either the left or right and brush the upper back of your hair backwards.
  5. As the hair you’re brushing backwards drys and stays in place, start to brush more hair backwards until you reach the fringe.
  6. Blow dry the fringe at a 90 degree angle to give it some shape and volume.
  7. Apply some product to achieve the final look and set with some hairspray.

Got any tips or recommended products of your own to achieve a Brad Pitt’s hairstyle? Then get in touch with us to share your wisdom with the male grooming world.

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