Biggest Muscle Building Mistakes Guys Make (And How To Avoid Them!)

Whether you’re a first-time lifter or a seasoned veteran, there are always ways to improve. You could need to fine tune a particular exercise, or work on a specific body part. Your diet may need cleaning up, and you get too many late nights.

Whatever it is, you should be quashing out those mistakes. They can hinder long-term goals, and you might feel like you’re making progress when you’re not. A lot of the time, guys don’t even know they’re making certain mistakes. It’s important to be able to identify them to up your muscle building game!

So, this article will run through a couple of common muscle building myths and mistakes, that most guys are guilty of. Chances are, you’re doing one of them without even realising.

#5: Too much training

Believe it or not, it is possible to do too much exercise. This can have many negative effects, including sleep loss and fatigue. This has the knock-on effect of your next workout being less intense than the last, and so on. Eventually, you’ll just be lifting weight with no results. Being too tired means you could drop the weights, resulting in injury.


Focus up your workout program to achieve your goals. Cut any unnecessary exercises, or exercises you don’t like doing. Weight training should be enjoyable as well as productive, so bear that in mind.

#4: Changing routine too frequently

Internet forums are filled to the brim with a ton of advice that typically says the same thing. You absolutely must stick with your workout for a minimum of eight weeks first. This has numerous benefits. One, you can track progress more easily, and see if you’re able to lift more in successive weeks. Two, you won’t have the hassle of designing a new workout routine every three or four weeks.

While it’s true that ‘shocking’ the muscles (i.e. changing routine) promotes growth, this shouldn’t be too often. You should only change routines around five times a year, to give your body something fresh on a nice schedule.

#3: An over-reliance on supplementation

It’s the question most guys will ask themselves at some point. Do I need supplementation? Supplements are fantastic, and they do work. However, they only work if you understand how to use them effectively.

Many Anavar reviews, for example, show that it’s a great option for increasing mass when combined with a good diet and exercise. However, that’s the mistake right there. Many dudes will simply chug a supplement without having a good diet or workout. The two should be up to scratch before you start a supplement routine. The same goes for creatine, and whey protein, and any other supplement you can think of. These products should fill in the gaps in your diet, not replace it!

#2: Set realistic goals

Those huge bodybuilders we see in magazines (you know what I’m talking about) are out of reach for most of us. That’s not to say it’s impossible, or out of reach. It clearly is possible. It’s just to say that you should set achievable short-term goals, and not godly long-term ones.

Focus on the next two months, or the next year. Set yourself an achievable muscle goal, and hit it. Guys can get too carried away with ‘the perfect physique’ that their current performance will suffer.

#1: Heavier weight doesn’t mean better results

You’ve all seen that guy at the gym who wildly swings the weights about with no control. Well, I’m here to tell you that that guy is extremely incompetent. He’s committing the cardinal sin of weightlifting, and that’s this. You control the weights, the weights don’t control you!

Obeying exercise form is key to producing results. It may look impressive to your mates if you hit that 500lb squat, but your form was probably shocking. In the long run, you’re going to injure yourself, and all sorts of posture problems could rear their heads.

So, keep everything controlled, efficient and worth your time. Don’t swing weights around wildly. Use slow, controlled movements and you’ll see better gains than ever before. Keep that diet in check and your routine well-regulated, and your mistakes will be ironed out quickly.

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