Beer’d Beauty: Beer Meet Beard In Support Of Movember… Sponsored by Carlsberg

Finally, a grooming range that all men can get on with. Why? Because it’s made from beer and probably the best beer in the world at that. In case you’ve been living under a rock, men all around the globe will be growing their facial hair in support of Movember. A coming of age where men are sponsored to grow their facial hair for the whole of November in support of men’s health charities – arguable a mans favourite time of year!

Carlsberg Beer’d Beauty

Carlsberg, have developed an epic range of male grooming products called beer’d containing 0.2l of their famous freeze-dried Calsberg beer, which won’t leave you with a sore head in the morning!

Check out the video below about the new range, with proceeds going to Movember.

Beer’d Beauty

Has anyone ever told you about the benefits of drinking beer? Beer has a variety of beard and skin boosting ingredients such as vitamin B, which is known to make your beard look good. But more importantly, the main ingredients in Carlsberg, hops, barley and yeast have beautifying properties on the hair and skin – from this, the Beer’d Beauty range was born: Carlsberg_Beerd Beauty_Mood_AftershaveCream_small

Shaving Gel

Now you might be thinking why do I need a shaving gel if I am growing my beard? Well my friend, this is simply down to the fact that all beards needs sculpting, typically around the upper cheek area. Beer’ds shaving gel contains antioxidants and antibacterial acids (the news is always telling us how dirty beards are) found in those special hops we talked about above.

Aftershave Cream

An aftershave cream goes without saying and the perfect partner for a shaving gel. Beer’ds cream contains the same antioxidants and acids talked about above.

Moustache Cream

A moustache, the ultimate accessory for a gentleman, shouldn’t go without being cared for and groomed and that is why Carlsberg have developed a moustache cream perfect for it… and yes, its made from beer too! Again, has all the benefits from Carlsberg’s premium hops. What’s even more awesome than the range actually containing carlsberg, is that a proportion of every sale goes toward to raising awareness of men’s health issues through the Movember Foundation

Watch the video again and  click your way through to find out more and order your beards perfect partner! Post sponsored by Carlsberg 

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