All You Need To Know About Growing A Beard

Use the following information to help your grow and maintain the beard you want!

Commit to the beard

The ability to grow a beard can be a great test of someones character, as it can be a long, slow and sometimes tormenting process. So when you see a guy with a killer beard you know they are a patient, controlled and self-disciplined person! A man’s beard is heavily influenced by his genetics, so the first rule of growing a beard is working with what you have – theres only so much that products can do to influence your beard and its growth. Don’t give up to early either, a little bit of stubble looks a lot different to a full grown beard, so don’t give up if you’re not liking the stubble stage – make it to the end and then make your decision whether to keep your beard or not!

Ditch the razor and start growing today

  • The world of work is very different to what it used to be say 2 years ago; beards are a lot more common and employers are more relaxed about them so take your opportunity now!
  • Don’t be concerned about what people think
  • Don’t touch your beard/stubble for the first 4 weeks – a common error most people make is where they start sculpting and trimming their beard too early. You need to know what patches of hair grow faster, what patches of hair are thicker as you want to working towards uniform growth and length.
  • After 4 weeks you should start sculpting your beard – we recommend to visit your barber and get their advice first. You want to achieve a good neck line but it can be a hit and miss if its your first time.
  • Don’t give in to the itch – beard growth is almost certainly accompanied with an itch, this is due to the growing hairs irritating your skin. Read our article on how to stop your beard itching.

Maintain your beard

  • Invest in a beard trimmer and know how to use it. A brand that we recommend to use is WAHL, a brand thats been in the industry for a long time and filter their experience and knowledge into their products.
  • Use the right products to maintain a beard every guys will be envious of. To get the most out of your beard you should be using a beard shampoo (normal shampoos are ok but not specialised for your facial hair) and beard oils to moisturise your beard.




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