Beard Oils – Why you need to be using them!

Most people think that growing a beard is a easy process, in fact
they think its one of the easiest things for a guy to do – just stop shaving and let mother nature have her way with it.



Well we’re here to tell you that to get a thick, shiny, masculine beard you’re going to have to invest time and money into it. Yes, it may be true that to get a beard you simply need to stop shaving, but all you’re going to grow is a dry, patchy and wiry beard – believe us when we say its not a good look!

Beard Oil is a product you need to be using!

If you’re unsure about where to start with beard oils, like most bearded men out there, here are some great tips and benefits of beard oils.

1) Beard oil moisturises facial hair and the skin below it

Beard oils contain oils like jojoba, grapeseed, almond, and castor along with the essential oils which have great moisture holding qualities. They leave facial hair looking shiny, thick and healthy compared to shaggy, flakey and dry when not used. For this reason alone, beard oils are the crowning element to any killer beard that is soft and tangle-free to touch. These oils can be found in most expensive face and skin creams, so you’re getting two great benefits from using the beard oils.

2) Beard oils have great masculine scents

Most beard oils come in a wide variety of scents like whiskey-inspired, marvellous mango and mountain peppermint pine. The list of scents they come in are literally huge, you can pretty much get it in any scent you want! Some men use beard oils to substitute for cologne or aftershave, plus they’re a lot cheaper than a lot of  aftershaves on the market at the moment.

3) How to apply beard oil

Apply beard oil by dropping a few drops into the palm of one hand and distribute over the fingers of both hands. Rub into the skin under your beard, to start the hydrating process at the source and then work into the beard by running through your facial hair, don’t forget about your moustache either! For optimum effect, give your beard a comb after applying the oil to help give the beard a fuller, thicker look.

4) How often to apply beard oil

How often you apply beard oil is down to the weather and how you beard responds to the oil. More porous, thicker hair will absorb beard oil faster but will need applying more so its important to pay attention to how your beard responds. The maximum time between applying beard oil should be around 3 days, so to be honest you’ve kind of got to roll with the punches on this one and respond to how your body reacts.

5) When to apply beard oil

The optimum time to apply beard oil is when you’re fresh out of the shower. Showering helps hair follicles and pores to open which leads to the oil being absorbed easier leaving your skin and beard feeling conditioned, thicker and well groomed.

Beard oils were virtually nonexistent before 2006 and they have now boomed in the male grooming market with small boutiques producing their own oils.  Websites likes Etsy are a great way to find homemade beard oils produced by small boutiques who put great care and effort into their oils.

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