Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Face Mask Product Review

A great way to beat and prevent acne is by incorporating face masks into your grooming routines, at least once every fortnight but weekly if you can.

Face masks might be considered to be feminine but who’s going to find out what you do behind closed doors? Plus, the fact that men tend to have thicker, oilier skin than women means that the benefits of a face masks are much better seen in men than women – you’d be stupid to not at least give them a try.

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Face Mask

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Face Mask is one of best face masks we’ve personally experienced but a face mask that isn’t going to break the bank. The mask contains all the key ingredients you need to beat and prevent acne; tea tree, witch hazel and charcoal.

These 3 key ingredients are in all premium (but expensive) face masks whereas this face mask comes in at under £3.60, plus its often on a 3 for 2, or some other multi buy promotion, which rapidly brings the price per product down and you can pick up a few extra bits while you’re at it or simply stock up on the stuff. Plus Boots have a market leading advantage card scheme, so you can pick up 12 advantage card points when you purchase the product.

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Face Mask
Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Face Mask £3.59

The tea tree face mask is great for getting rid of black heads, reducing red spots and acne: your skin literally becomes clearer after 1 – 2 uses of the face mask. It leaves your skin feeling so soft after you use it that its easy to become hooked to the product on that benefit alone!

You only need to apply to face mask for 15 minutes, as per the instructions on the packet but that is literally enough time to see the benefits on your skin – perfect for those of us who are constantly on the go and sometimes neglect their skin due to their busy schedules.

Key Ingredients & Benefits

  • Charcoal is a great ingredient for drawing oil, dirt and other harmful substances from clogged pores. Perfect for leaving your skin acne and black-head free.
  • Witch Hazel has anti-inflammatory properties which make it great for reducing the redness, inflammation and irritation associated with acne, it can also be great for repairing cracked and damaged skin too. Plus it does all this without drying your skin out, leaving it feeling soft, nourished and smooth. Witch Hazel also has antibacterial properties; halting and decreasing acne breakout due to bacterial, dirt and germs.
  • Tea Tree Oil is a miracle worker that has been used for decades due to its huge variety of benefits. Like witch hazel, tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties which make it great for reducing and prevent acne breakout. It is also great for hydrating skin, dehydration is known to be a common cause of acne.

There are our views on Boots’ Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Charcoal Face Mask, let us know your thoughts and your own personal review of the product below in the comments section. Lads, don’t forget that face masks aren’t just for girls!