About To Propose? Here’s How To Find The Best Jeweler On The Market

The time has come: you are going to propose. But, before you can get down on bended knee and pop the big question, you need the perfect ring. The ring is a symbol of your love, so it has to be special. And, it can be as long as you find the right jeweler. The jeweler is essential to the process as their expertise is what will guide you to the ring. Without them, you are just a novice staring at diamond rings that all look the same. So, how do you find the perfect jeweler?

Does The Jeweller Listen?

Any jeweler that stands there quietly and disregards everything you mentioned is a bad sign. These are the type of jewelers that don’t care about you or your fiancé – they are only bothered about making money. Obviously, they will put making the sale in front of your needs, so you cannot trust them to tell you the truth. Instead, look for one that seems to understand what you are saying and what you are trying to find.

Do They Have The Credentials?

It may sound like you are elitist, but the best jewelers have the best products. And, the best jewelers are the ones with the credentials and track record to practice what they preach. Take Marlow’s Diamonds as an example. Over the years, they have built a reputation and a business that stands up to that reputation. As a result, they can provide a range of quality rings. To find out more about them, make sure you ask about their history.

Are They Knowledgeable?

Remember that you are the novice and you are relying on the jeweler to provide help and assistance. But, if the jeweler doesn’t have the right amount of knowledge, they won’t be able to offer any decent advice. To coin a phrase, it is like two blind men groping around in the dark! They should be able to tell you about the jewel, the cut, and the style without breaking a sweat. If they cannot, avoid them and move on to another. A good test is to ask them about the Four Cs and then grade their response.

Do They Have A Good Selection

People watch a lot of sitcoms and movies and think that the perfect ring will appear to them as soon as they walk into the store. The truth is that hardly ever happens and you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the princess! Bearing that in mind, you want a jeweler with a wide range of rings on offer. When you have a bigger selection pool, there is more chance you will find the ‘one.’

Do They Have A Comprehensive Returns Policy?

Don’t just assume that your fiancé will love the ring. She may say yes, but that doesn’t mean that the ring is the one for her. As a result, you may want to return or exchange it for another. To do that, you need to make sure the jeweler has a good returns policy. Look for an extended warranty as well as the usual thirty day grace period.

Now you don’t have to worry about finding the ring – you just have to worry about her saying yes!

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