A Guy’s Guide To Salon-Quality Hair Styling Every Day

The girls can figure out everything they need to know about a guy from their haircut. Are they well-kept and well-groomed? Do they take pride in their appearance, or are they lazy and unphased? Some guys can pull off the rugged, unkempt look. But, just be careful, there’s a fine line between dishevelled and downright messy!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could wake up every day like you’ve just walked out of the hairdressers? Here’s the thing, you can. With the right care and attention, it’s not hard to keep that tidy, salon quality look every time. We spoke to some of the top guy’s hairdressers to find out how.

Shampoo and Conditioner

A lot of men are guilty of not washing their hair. We know guys that regularly go a week without washing. Ultimately, that’s going to lead to weak follicles, and thinning problems. In the immediate future, it’s going to look greasy and messy! Start by using a shampoo and conditioner designed for men. If possible, use a product that is especially targeted for your hair type. Starting with a clean head of hair is the best way to style.

Regular Trips to the Hairdresser

Unfortunately, if you want to maintain the perfect style, you need to visit the hairdresser regularly. It doesn’t take long for the hair to grow out, especially if you’re rocking a shorter style. For those who have shaved or clippered hairstyles, you need to make monthly appointments to keep it in check. As soon as that short hair starts to grow out, it looks messy.

Choose the Right Hairstyle for You

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make is choosing the wrong hairstyle. The style you choose should really take into account your head shape and hair colour. Trying to get the Justin Bieber or Zayn Malik look isn’t going to work if you have a more rounded face, for example. Your hairdresser can help you here. Ask for their advice on the most suitable style for you.

Choose the Right Hair Product

Again, every person is different. We all have different face shapes and designs. We each have different colour hair. Most importantly, we each have different hair types. Some of us have thick, wavy hair. Others have thin, straight locks. You’ve got to choose the right product for you. Those with thinner hair, for example, can use matt hair wax very effectively. But, it will quickly create a mess for those with thick hair. For thick hair, a mousse or Brylcream product would work better.

Coping with Thinning/Greying Hair

Finally, we’ll quickly explain how to deal with thinning and greying hair. It’s a big problem for men from as early as their twenties. Firstly, there are all sorts of products on the market for thinning and balding hair. Read this scalp med review, and see if it’s right for you. Your doctor or hair stylist may also have some ideas here. As for greying hair, we say embrace it! Everyone loves a silver fox.

With this guide, you’ll achieve a salon-quality hair style every single day. Good luck!


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