9 Signs Of Hair Loss & Balding In Men

Have you wondered what the signs and hints that lead to balding are? You may or may already be aware of some of them, but some signs of balding may come as a surprise and some yet will be so obvious that you hadn’t even thought of them as a sign of hair loss.

In fact, in the United States alone, 35 million men are suffering from hair loss. Are you one of them?

In this article, our friends at HairVerve, a blog dedicated to hair loss have produced an infographic on the signs of balding. But, how can this be useful to you? Finding out the early warning signals of baldness allows you to be more aware, which then give you an opportunity and time to uncover what is the cause of you losing hair and begin to take action.

Time Is Key With Baldness & Hair Loss.

Balding is time-sensitive. If you take action earlier, the chances of stopping or reversing hair loss will be much higher. But if you delay further, the change may be irreversible.

So take a look at the infographic and see whether it applies to you.

9 Signs Of Hair Loss

1) More Comments

Sometimes, our friends and families can notice the gradual changes in our appearances better than us. You may find that friends and family you don’t see often notice thinning hair/hair loss the most, as the changes are more dramatic to them. So, when more people are commenting about you having thinning hair or you notice them constantly staring at your head/hair, be aware. Maybe ask around if people think your hair is thinning?

2) Balding Parents

Hair loss due to genetics is the most common cause of hair loss and balding in men, it’s also easy to tell. If your parents or grandparents are balding, then this may be on the cards for you in the not so distant future.

3) Accumulation Of Hair

There is no problem seeing a few strands of hair here and there in the house, it’s actually pretty common for hair to fall out when brushing your hair or shower. However, the trouble comes about when there’s an overall increase in the hair accumulation in ‘hot areas’ like on your pillow or the shower drains. Again, this links to point 1 where is people start commenting on the amount of hair around your house you should seek help, quickly.

4) The M Shape

For males, a receding hairline or a thinning crown are the first few signs before things start to get bad. Always be sure to check these two areas, if you feel you have started to develop a receding hairline then ask a barber for their view on it, is is a receding hairline? Or better yet, check out our 7 Male Haircuts That Will Transform Your Receding Hairline.

5) Thinning Around The Scalp

This usually applies to females who are suffering from genetic hair loss. They don’t usually experience receding hairlines the same as males but more of thinning around the scalp.

6) Visible Scalp

A scalp which is more visible means that hair has started to thin drastically. It feels like you’re touching the scalp directly. This would be in the later stage of losing your hair/ going bald.

7) Hair Falls Out Easily

Can you remember when you were much younger and tugging your hair was not a problem? Now, it falls easily without trying. If so, avoid applying too much physical stress to your hair in the form of tugging/pulling.

8) Past Pictures

Look at your past pictures. Are there any drastic changes in your hair? Specifically look at the temple and crown regions.

9) Styling Gets Harder

Thinning at a certain area would make it much harder for you to style your hair the way you want it to be. Some individuals may have difficulties to get their hair to look full because of trying to hide the thinning areas but no matter how much you try, it doesn’t look right.


9 signs of balding in men

Have Some Of These Hair Loss Signs?

If related to several of these balding signs then the first thing you should do is to consult a doctor to find out the cause of the problem as hair loss and balding could be an indication of a hormone imbalance for example.

There are different alternatives you can take from getting a hair transplant, scalp micro pigmentation, going the cheaper route by taking supplements and a whole lot more.

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