7 Male Haircuts That Will Transform Your Receding Hairline From ‘Baldy’ To ‘Hey There Stylish’

You can take life’s bitter lemons and make lemonade, even in the case of receding hairlines.

If you are cursed to lose your hair before its due time, fret not. Current hair styling trends allow you to take that baldness and turn it into something stylish. If you pull it off as well as Vin Diesel, you will even have the girls calling bald the new sexy.

This post is not about bald heads, but rather receding hairlines that are a few strands away from complete baldness. How can you turn it around to make your few strands of hair stylish? These 7 styles will have you feeling goodish about your hair again:

Cut It All Off

You can decide to speed things up for nature by cutting all your hair off. Buzz cuts are quite the buzz these days. While your new look will take some getting used to, especially to people that know you (worse if you have toddlers), your style will grow on them.

A receding hairline will have you looking different, anyway, and leaving hair on the rest of your head will only make your thinning hair more noticeable.

It gets better; you do not have to get the best barber in town for this. You can do it yourself with either a set of hair clippers or high-quality razors depending on the size you want to retain. It will save you drying time (after washing), and your hair products will sure stretch longer. You will need to stock up on razors, though, if you choose this method. Overall, this style is not so bad.

The Comb-Over

This style has worked well for some celebrities. Take Anderson Cooper, for example. You would think that he just chose it to be his signature style, but he is just hiding the receding hairline.

This is a forewarning before you go all out and try this on your head: it is only ideal if yours is only a hairline issue and not overly thin hair. Additionally, it is not advisable to act as though you are hiding the hairline by growing your hair too long that it falls over the sides. Simple does it. None will be the wiser if you just let it grow to a reasonable length and comb the frontal part to the side. You can have the barber cut the sides short to make it even more interesting.

Quiff Haircut


Now, this hairstyle is not for everyone. It takes a certain personality to pull it off. The sides are trimmed into a fading style, where you do not shave them completely, but just enough to reduce the size of the hair to a good short size.

The hair on the top of the head is left intact. In fact, the longer it is, the better this style will be. Now take that long fringe and form it into a quiff.

This style takes the attention away from the receding hairline. People will notice the fringe more than they will the sides of your head. The only downside to this haircut is that it may take the better part of your morning to perfect.

The Close Cut

Forget the fancy name; this is easy and ‘every day,’ especially for a man who couldn’t be bothered to spend several minutes every day styling his hair. Your sides will be cut really short, and then the middle left slightly longer.

You have several options with this haircut. You can comb it all back for a typical day in the office, or you could manipulate it a little with a comb to give it a lift. Doing this will give it more body, making it look like you have a full head of hair.

On days when you are feeling ‘bad,’ ruffling it up will give you a rugged look while keeping you well groomed. Seeing that this hairstyle calls attention to the middle part where your hair is slightly longer people will forget to look at your hairline. You can get away with a receding hairline forever, or at least while the rest of your hair lasts.

The Buzz Cut

Maroon 5’s Adam Levine made a buzz with his buzz cut. This cut is simple. Just keeping it all at the same length, cut extremely short, and to be styled as you wish. You can smooth it over to look professional or ruffle it up for the evenings.

The one thing that makes this hairstyle stand out is its simplicity. You look well-groomed without seeming as if you tried too hard. Moreover, you still look attractive while retaining your manly features.

Long Hairstyle

If you have a long and thick mane, you may want to make it work for you. Leaving the middle part of your head to grow long and thick while shaving the sides and the back to a reasonably short size could work very well.


This is not to say that you leave the top of your hair to grow into a ponytail, but rather to a few inches longer than usual. You could then tousle it a little after blow-drying it to retain the body. This manly look can be worn everywhere.

Long Fringe Undercut

This cut is similar to the long hairstyle tow ways. One, the middle part is left intact, hair left to grow longer than usual, and two; the sides have been cut. The differences in the size of the sides and back, as well as the way you let your hair fall. This style leaves it to fall on the side resembling the comb-over.

In this case, though, remember that the hair is quite long. This cut is especially popular with the young guys, between 18 and 24.

Rock Whatever Style

We are men, and so we are not supposed to lose sleep over receding hairlines. However, it does not mean that we should let ourselves go. I mean, a receding hairline can add 5-10 years to your face.

Justin Bounds is the founder of The Barbr – a Men’s Hair Care/Grooming blog providing honest advice, useful tips about the topic. He has spent thousands of hours researching, experimenting just to find out the best ways to take better care of our hair. You can follow Justin on Twitter or Facebook to learn more about his work.

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