6 Summer Purchases That Will Instantly Make Your Summer 2015

Summer is well and truly here and we’re buzzing about it! It’s our favourite time of year but a time every guy want to look and feel their best.



Whether it’s impressing the ladies, or simply having a great time with your mates in the sun, the summer is the ultimate time to show off our qualities while enjoying the warmer weather. We could all do with a little help, though.

Below are six of the best products to help you make the most of summer 2015.

Beard Trimmer

The humble beard has enjoyed a huge resurgence over the past few years and is set to remain as popular as ever throughout the summer months. However, a great beard isn’t just about letting it grow. A beard needs to be maintained, particularly in the summer (hair grows quicker in the summer). Every bearded gentleman should have a beard trimmer, the ultimate accessory to achieve that chiselled jawline and masculine look.

If rocking a beard is part of your summer look, then be sure to invest in a decent beard trimmer, below are a few we’d recommend. You may even want to consider some beard oils too, check out our article on why you need to be using beard oils.



Music can improve a number of daily processes. Whether it’s encouraging us on our morning run, or making our commute to work more tolerable, a decent playlist can boost our general happiness.

Download Spotify onto your smartphone, and you’ll be instantly transformed to music heaven. The endless stream of tunes will improve your happiness and help cure boredom and motivational issues.

Are you a student? If so you can enjoy 50% of the monthly cost of Spotify, check out their student discount page here.


Kitchen Accessories

Diet is a crucial part of human life and is central to promoting a healthy lifestyle. As a man, you love your food. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to eat nutritious meals or drop a few pounds to help you look better while your topless on the beach.

A Vitamix 750 professional series food blender will completely transform the way you prepare food. It’s great for knocking up summer treats like smoothies and snow cones in record time.

Additionally, consider investing in a water filtering jug, like Brita. Drinking more water will improve your physical and emotional well-being – you will instantly see your energy levels rise when you start drinking more water.


Skincare Products

Looking after your body is important at all times. Throughout the summer months, it’s imperative that you look after your skin. And we don’t just mean putting on a factor 30 sunblock either.

Regular cleansing and moisturising with products from a reputable brand like Wingman will keep your skin in great shape. You’ll appreciate the difference, and those around you will notice a boost in confidence.


Home Gym Equipment

During the winter months, finding time for the gym is easy. But now that the summer is here, you want to enjoy every free second you have in the sun with friends and family.

However, most guys can’t afford to not do any exercise at all. Invest in some dumbbells or a sit-up bench and encourage a quick home workout into your daily routine. That way, you can stay in shape while still having time to enjoy your summer and you’ll have the confidence to enjoy it too.


New Bedsheets

It might not be the most exciting purchase you’ll make this summer, but new bed sheets might just be the most important.

Everybody appreciates the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Treating yourself to new bedding will promote a better rest. The results of increased energy, body function and happiness could be the key to making this summer the best one yet.

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